Avatar Generations May 2023 update brings a new campaign expansion, new characters and more

In partnership with Paramount Consumer Products and developer Navigator Games, CDE Entertainment has launched a new expansion for its mobile game, Avatar of a generation. Known as an update to Hegemon’s Folly, it offers players a completely new adventure for the Gaang, complete with an original story and antagonists. Additionally, the Broken Bonds event banner allows players to collect Kyoshi’s mentors, Kelsang and Jianzhu. Interested individuals can now access the May 2023 update for free on the App Store for iPhone/iPad users and the Google Play Store for Android device users.

The rise of Kyoshi takes center stage in the Avatar Generations May 2023 update

Last month, Avatar Generations caused a stir by revealing a major update that inspired it Rise of Kyoshithe first installment of the acclaimed Avatar Chronicles series, which earned a place on the New York Times bestseller list.

Following the introduction of the Avatar Timelines feature that was unveiled last month, the game now features visual and audio renditions of characters from the novel, including Kelsang and Jianzhu, marking their first appearance in the franchise.

Avatar Generations Update May 2023 Jianzhu
Image via Square Enix

In the current Broken Bonds event banner, players have the chance to acquire these legendary characters for a limited time, namely Kelsang, Avatar Kyoshi’s mentor known as the Living Typhoon, and Jianzhu, also known as the Undertaker of Zhulu Pass.

The Avatar Generations May 2023 update brings a canonical campaign expansion to the Avatar Aang timeline

The Avatar Aang timeline Hegemon’s Folly update introduces a new official campaign for the Avatar franchise. It features pirate captain Jiang, who originally appeared in the graphic novel Katara and the Pirate Silver, as well as a fresh antagonist, Commander Mamushi of the Fire Nation. In this update, players will follow Captain Jiang in a race against time to solve an ancient riddle before the Fire Nation learns of her plan.

In addition, the update fulfills the expectations of players by including Captain Masaru as a playable character, who was previously happy as a formidable opponent in the Avatar Generations campaign.

Motivated by a desperate desire to steal the secrets of the Earth Kingdom, Captain Masaru sets the events of the Hegemon’s Folly campaign in motion, giving players the chance to add a mighty new Firebender to their team.

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