Head Ball 2 – Online Soccer v1.550 MOD [Update]


name: Head Ball 2 – online football
Version: 1,550
Root: no

Features of the modification:
Note: The first time you enter the floating window permission, it will flash back and you can enter normally after restarting the game.
The game is in beta. To optimize your testing experience, the in-game developer offers you a menu of developer features:
1. Magic Strike
2. Rocket strike
3. Freeze the game
4. Freeze enemies (right)
5. Freeze Enemies (Left)
6. Speed
7. Enemy color change

Installation steps:
1. Uninstall the Playstore version
2. Install the mod APK
3. Enjoy

Credits: ?
Playstore link: Head Ball 2 – Online Football – Apps on Google Play

Download Link: MOD APK
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