Spider-Man 2 Fans Think Venom Might Actually Be Peter Parker

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 ended up rounding out what would have been a pretty boring PlayStation Showcase for many, giving us our first look at some gameplay and a few surprises along the way. One of the biggest was the reveal that Peter Parker is wearing a symbiote suit for this adventure, a sign that Venom may be more closely tied to the main story than we expected.

We know that Venom will be involved in some capacity in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, although his identity remains a mystery. Venom has had several alter egos throughout Spider-Man media, so it’s no guarantee that Eddie Brock is the one behind the giant snarling grin this time around. This mystery still has many speculating about who Venom might actually be, and this latest trailer has quite a few Spider-Man fans thinking that Peter Parker himself might be doing a villainous turn.


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There are two pieces of evidence for this theory, the first of which is included in the trailer itself. Towards the end of the gunfight scene, several fans noticed that Peter Parker’s eyes change and sharpen a bit when he utters his slightly corny “me too” line after Miles says the Lizard has “big teeth”. Many believe that this shape slightly resembles Venom’s eyes and could be a small hint at Peter’s transformation later in the game.

Another is the Ultimate comic series, in which Peter Parker transforms into Venom and nearly kills a man after he loses control. While it has nothing to do with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, it sets the precedent that even Peter Parker could turn into a hulking monster if exposed to the symbiote for too long, and some fans believe that Insomniac is teasing a fight between Peter and Miles, in in which the latter must forcibly remove the symbiote from Peter to get it back.

Of course, these are just fan theories, and the bulky Venom we saw in the game’s first trailer could simply be Eddie Brock or Harry Osbourne when Peter actually leaves the symbiote on his own. It’s an exciting proposition, though, and not even that unlikely given the powers we’ve seen Peter wield in today’s trailer. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to see if the theories are correct for a while, but at least we have to wait until this fall to find out.

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