Asset 15 is a new augmented reality AR thriller that is now available on Android and iOS

Asset 15augmented reality (AR) an adventure designed for mobile devices, was made available by a group known as 30 Ninjas. The masterminds behind this creation are director and producer Doug Liman (known for his work on “The Bourne Identity” and “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”), Julina Tatlock and Jed Weintrob, all partners of 30 Ninjas. Developed in partnership with Verizon, Asset 15 introduces players to an immersive experience with ultimate immersive augmented reality gameplay and the use of realistic 3D holograms.

Delving into the story of two sisters, Flux and Petra, players are drawn into a world where Petra’s life takes a dramatic turn after she falls into an unexplained coma caused by exposure to experimental technology. Flux, a hacktivist, emerges as the only hope for saving her sister and discovers the secrets hidden in the narrative.

Unraveling the Secrets of Experimental Artificial Intelligence Technology by Means 15

In Asset 15, protagonist Flux, portrayed by Amandla Sternberg, takes center stage as players embark on an exciting journey spanning five captivating chapters. Flux’s main goal is to unravel the mysterious secrets of the revolutionary artificial intelligence technology that tragically put her sister in a coma.

Asset 15
Image via 30 Ninjas

Petra, Flux’s sister, previously held a prominent position as a senior director at Helios, a renowned technology company known for its revolutionary transcranial MR glasses known as the Asset 15. While these glasses allow users to upload their memories to Helios’ cloud platform, the underlying technology has unforeseen consequences that continue to baffle all involved.

To rescue Petra from her dire state, players take on the role of Flux and work with her to penetrate the depths of her consciousness, maneuver through her memories and make connections between her fragmented minds by solving progressively complex 3D AR puzzles. Within the augmented reality environment, broken fragments of Petra’s memories float aimlessly, disjointed and chaotic, requiring players to try to reconstruct the scenes in order to unravel the main mystery.

Asset 15 is a charming game created by 30 ninjas

In Asset 15, players will have the opportunity to participate in “room-scale augmented reality” where they can use their mobile devices to unlock and solve complex puzzles that are intricately woven into the game’s captivating narrative. The creative team at 30 Ninjas used advanced volumetric video hologram technology to capture the performances of the talented cast and effectively bring them to life right in front of the players.

Asset 15 is a 30 Ninjas production with executive producers Julina Tatlock, Jed Weintrob and Doug Liman and producer Tony Hernandez. The development of Asset 15 takes place in cooperation with the French studio Novelab, and the production of volumetric holograms is carried out by Metastage. Asset 15 is free to play and is now available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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