Aether Gazer is an anime-themed ARPG now available globally on Android and iOS

After a successful pre-registration campaign and much excitement, Ether Gazerthe latest anime taking action RPG set against a science fiction backdrop, is available on Android and iOS platforms in North America, Europe, Japan and SEA. The game was launched on May 23 at 9:00 AM (UTC-7). With localized versions in English, French, German and Japanese, players worldwide can now immerse themselves in an immersive dystopian universe and take part in defeating the mighty Visbans.

Unleash the guardian within and protect the future of humanity in Aether Gazer

In Aether Gazer, players take on the role of guardians and protect the future of humanity with the help of modifiers. Each character in the game has a distinctive combat mechanic that allows for different play styles. Teams can be customized to individual preferences, allowing players to create elaborate strategies by synergizing their unique skills and executing chain combat techniques using versatile moves.

In addition, Aether Gazer offers an outstanding experience with its stunning 3D Unity graphics. Players can immerse themselves in a high-definition futuristic 3D world characterized by superior character design achieved with NPR’s advanced rendering technology. This complex blend of science fiction and an ancient civilization setting allows players to fully immerse themselves in a dystopian realm full of precious treasures and fascinating stories.

Celebrate the launch of Aether Gazer with amazing rewards

To celebrate reaching the pre-registration goals and the official launch of the game, Aether Gazer is generously offering a number of prizes to players around the world. In addition to various pre-registration rewards such as an exclusive Tidal Song – Poseidon Limited Outfit, a limited portrait frame and 30 Modifier Scan Vouchers, each player will also receive 10 free draws upon first registration and a guaranteed S- Tier Modifier after completing 40 Standard Draws banners.

Aether Gazer Launch Rewards
Image via Yostar Games

After logging into the game for a consecutive period of 14 days, players will be eligible to claim a total of 20 Mod Scan Coupons, 20 Feature Scan Coupons, and 6 A-Grade Mods. Additionally, those who continue playing above level 60 will receive 150 Intel Verthandi and a 5-star Functor named Elves – Galadriel.

Administrators also have their own set of rewards. They can claim a 5-star Functor called Shikigami – Aosaginohi and an A-Grade Modifier Suit Drifting Flurry – Leviathan with Advanced Contract.

Aether Gazer brings Shinri’s first limited character – Tsukuyomi

From the game’s release until June 6 UTC-7, players have the opportunity to obtain the Shinri – Tsukuyomi S level modifier by using Precise Scan Vouchers in the Premium Precise Scan: Bolt from the Blade event.

Shinri – Tsukuyomi, the first limited character in Aether Gazer, is an awesome thunder modifier known for dealing significant burst damage with lightning fast slashes and thrusts, along with the ability to use Seal of Thunder on opponents. All players are encouraged to add her to their team and fight together from the start. Players can now download and play Aether Gazer on Android and iOS.

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