How To Find Diamonds In The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

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  • Shopping in Goron City

Rare stones are a requirement The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm for adventurers who want to upgrade their equipment and earn a decent income, and none are as valuable as the famous diamond. Although they are rare, you will want to make sure you get as many as possible to increase your defense and your wallet.

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Completion of the sanctuaries

Link receives the Diamond Award from the Jochi-Ihiga Shrine

Sometimes you will receive a Diamond as a reward from chests in shrines. Although they are rare finds in the general scheme of shrines, they are guaranteed gifts to at least start. Each of the following shrines has a certified diamond:

  • Sihajog Shrine – South Lanayru Sky Archipelago
  • Ganos Shrine – Tabantha Sky Archipelago
  • Jochi-Ihiga Shrine – Akkala Falls, Akkala Highlands
  • Yomizuk Shrine – Cape Lodrum, Lanayru
  • Maoike Shrine – Near Bone Pond East Cave, Lanayru Wetland
  • Mayaotaki Shrine – North Lomei Labyrinth, North Tabantha Snowfield
  • Momošiko’s shrine – Northeast side of Death Mountain, Eldin Canyon


Link picks up Ruby from Dondons at Lake Floria

Inside tropical area around Lake Floriathere is a camp special creatures on west bank north of Lakeside Stable. These creatures are known as Dondonsand if you feed them a shiny stone, it can give you a chance for a diamond (although they may also give rubies or other similar precious stones).

Here is there is no known waiting time for Luminous Stone conversion (most reviews and tests show this to be somewhere around the 15 minute mark in real time) but it is not a quick method. Here’s how to get the most out of this method feeds each of the five Dondons and returns after a long period of adventuring.

Shopping in Goron City

Link buys a diamond from the Goron City shop

Although this probably not something you would normally want to do (since diamonds are generally sold for profit), you might want to quickly get a diamond for your gear or start an item duplication chain.

Whatever your reason, you can find it Diamonds for sale from the merchant in Goron City. Close town centeryou can find this dealer in the store near the bridge three diamonds for sale for 1000 rupees each.

Ore deposits

Link breaks open the ore deposit and finds the diamond

Although a lot rarer and one of the least reliable methods of growing diamonds, you can find these rare gems at breaking ore deposits in any part of Hyrule. The ore deposits from which diamonds are most likely to have fallen are those that have either a white or yellow spark around them, but breaking them doesn’t guarantee you’ll get a diamond.

The best places to farm the use of this method is generally around the Eldin region with many caves and mines. The monster lair near lizard lakes (Lake Darman) is a good farming place that allows you to multitask on your diamond farming journey while defeating monsters and earning rupees for your efforts.

something other recommended caves include:

  • Whistling Hill Cave, Hyrule Field
  • Gisa Crater Cave, Hebra Mountains
  • Sahasra Slope Cave, West Necluda

Stone talus

Breath of the Wild - stone talus

Within the depths are a number of powerful enemies that provide rewards equal to the challenge they present. They are among these Stone talus.

Although he defeats them there is no guarantee for diamondsnecessarily, yes always drop some form of rare material, making them worth the challenge. Generally the harder it is and strong are these stocky stones, the more valuable the resources you will probably find. Therefore, although Stone Talus can be found in several areas above ground, it is the powerful Talus in the Depths will most likely reward your efforts with a diamond.

The stone talus elemental type does not seem to affect diamond grade drops, except in the talus labeled “Shining Talus”, in which case no diamonds have been found to drop on any occasion (but it is still possible as an extremely rare drop ).

Rewards for late content

Master Kohga was caught off guard in the video game The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Inside treasure chests in late game content they are diamonds that are given as a reward. Although these chests are rare and often difficult to reach, they offer an opportunity to obtain diamonds later in the journey when an armor upgrade is much needed.​​​​

These are just a few famous diamond chests:

  • Hyrule Castle Observation Room
  • Hebra Mine (Deep) – Reward for defeating Master Kohga
  • Tarm Point Cave
  • Bond Pond East Cave

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