Onmyoji 200 Shikigami Grand Gathering event brings new skins, Jades, and more

NetEase Games revealed the start of the 200 Shikigami Grand Gathering event in Onmyoji May 24, 2023. Players are cordially invited to reminisce about their experiences with the game and enjoy a variety of tempting rewards, including fresh skins, jades and more.

The Onmyoji 200 Shikigami Grand Gathering event unleashes excitement and rewards

The latest Onmyoji game event titled “200 Shikigami Grand Gathering” has begun, offering players an exciting experience. Throughout the event, participants have the opportunity to complete tasks to collect Shikigami stickers and unlock a wide range of exciting rewards. These rewards include the newly introduced Courtyard Skin named Shining nightcalled Senhime’s last guise Water Aurorarandom SP/SSR Shikigami, Jades and more.

Onmyoji Aquatic Aurora
Image via NetEase Games

The event is accompanied by a fresh gameplay feature called Keep up with your friends, specially designed for returning players. This feature invites them to revisit the virtual world of Heian-Kyo and meet old acquaintances again, allowing players to design Friendly team alongside other returning Onmyojis, leading to the acquisition of generous rewards.

The Onmyoji 200 Shikigami Grand Gathering event brings improved rewards for new players

During the last event, the upgrade to the new player bonus in the game made it an opportune moment for individuals to embark on their journey in Onmyoji. For new players, there are improved daily login rewards, rookie calling benefits, and improvements to the starter monthly pass and growth pouches that provide valuable assistance in progressing through the game.

Onmyoji Keep up with your friends
Image via NetEase Games

In addition, a new topic is named Talisman Pass the Talisman collection system has been introduced, covering a wider range of content. Adorned with enchanting luster and vibrant patterns, the talismanic cards hang in the air and depict fascinating skin stories.

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