How To Complete Messages From An Ancient Era In The Legend Of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom

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  • Beginning of the Archeology Course – Lookout Landing and Kakariko Village
  • All tablet locations and how to reach them

Of the many collections of assignments in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Realm, there’s nothing like “Messages From An Ancient Era” as it gives you a real chance to explore all that the sky has to offer. As we ask you to test your gliding and airplane building skills, you’ll need to stretch your wings more than ever to unlock the secrets of history.

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Of course, you won’t do this without a reward. The lore may be nice, but the opportunity to fill your pockets with bushels of rupees is nicer. As one of the highest paying jobs in the game, your exploration of the upper world will be as enlightening to the academic side of your brain as it is to your more business-oriented one.


Beginning of the Archeology Course – Lookout Landing and Kakariko Village

Link Starts the Ancient Era Quest at Lookout Landing

Inside Lookout Landing, you may have noticed a a gathering of people around a stone obelisk a building that fell from the sky and created a small pond around itself in a corner of the fort. Talk to the man at the head of this group to realize that there is more to this pillar than just an ancient message.

The quest will start as soon as you finish talking to him, and he and his party will disappear from Lookout Landing.

Wortsworth in Kakarika tells Link There are 12 tablets

Journey to Kakariko Village track it down an archaeologist named Wortsworth. He is you a small house near the central basin of the village (not far from Paya’s home) and on same street as Enchantedlocal clothing store.

Talk to Wortsworthand your task will be updated with the target to track the remaining 12 tablets and photographing their inscription.

Wortsworth gives Link Rupees as a reward for showing pictures of the tablet

You will have to find each one, take a picture and show this picture to Wortsworth. When you do, he will reward you for each picture translation and 100 rupees. You can go back after each image if you so choose.

Although there is there is no particular order in which you should find them, some parts tell a story. That’s why it is we recommend that you find all 12 pills before submitting them to ensure that they are in the correct order and that you get the rewards all at once for a lump sum 1200 rupees. But be warned, you’ll have to sit there and hit the login button 12 times in a row – a time-consuming feat. Here is no “send all” option.

If you want to break this task into pieces, but still care about their order, these tablets will do arranged for you.

As an added bonus, if you submit all 12 tablets, you will receive Fabric Zonai Survey Team with which you can decorate your paraglider in the Hateno Dye Shop.

All tablet locations and how to reach them

All tablet sky locations are marked with numbers

All pills can be found in the sky in the islands in the form of flowers with five petals. Some will be much harder to achieve than others, and there are some preparations you need to do before trying to find this:

  • Take over Diving tests for pieces Sliding set for additional flight mobility.
  • Pack cold resistant equipment and/or food.
  • Have at least two rounds of endurance and bring extra Stamina food/potions.
  • Invest in a laptop Zone devices for flying (wings, fans, rockets, control levers, carts, etc.).
  • Did I come equipped and active as a sage.
  • to have upgraded battery cells or wear Large Zonaite charges.

Link lands on Flower Island and captures the South Hyrule Tablet

When you land on the island, you have to make an effort take a photo of the green plate on the central pillar with your camera.

But be warned that some islands will drop out as soon as you step onto the middle of the platform. This is completely normal and easy pole dive down to take a picture on the ground.


Plate name


Special location notes


Account to celebrate

South Eldin Sky Archipelago

Available with gliding from the Eldin Canyon Skyview Tower to the south while we use the island as a stop on the way.


A strong king and an acceptable queen

The Great Spring of Lanayru

From Upland Zorana Skyview Tower, you can glide to your destination. Alternatively, you can slide down from the nearby water temple.


A harmonious couple

Hebra Mountains Sky

Available with sailing from Kahatanaum Sanctuary (alternatively: wind temple) with more than two rounds of stamina.


Pilgrimage of lights

East Hebra Sky Archipelago

Available with paragliding from Pikida Stonegrove (Tabantha) Sky Tower. Stop in the middle of the archipelago with the launcher and use it to launch Link towards the island.


Explorer Mineru

West Necluda Sky

Easily reachable with Popla Foothills Sky Tower.


A foreign princess

Gerudo Desert

Available with sailing from the Gerudo Canyon Sky Tower with three bars of stamina.


Zelda the free spirit

Eastern Necluda

Start from Rabella Wetlands Sky Tower. You need the Zora armor for the waterfall on the island next to your destination. Ride up the waterfall and build a Zonai flying device (balloon or other) to reach the tablet.


The latest trend

Necluda Sea

Available with sailing from the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower with three rounds of endurance.


An ancient ghost story

Gerudo Highlands

Achieved by sliding from Gerudo Highlands Sky Tower by a hair more than one round of stamina.


For the hero’s sake

Great Hyrule Forest (over the Abyss)

It is reached from Typhlo Ruins Sky Tower. When you step on it, it will dive into the depths through the Abyss below. There is a strong enemy nearby and no nearby Lightroots.


Country Rose Day

South Hyrule Sky Archipelago

Available with sailing from the Gerudo Canyon Sky Tower with two rounds of endurance, using one island to rest on the way.



Sokka Sky Archipelago

From Ulri Mountain Skyview Tower, go south towards the chain of islands with the Flux Construct. Land on the island next to the arena to find a flying device. Attach all nearby batteries to the device and fly to the destination.

If you ever get lost or aren’t sure which tablets you’ve already found – or if you want to re-read the texts (either in their original form or the Wortsworth translation), you can always revisit the content of the tablet by overlooking the walls of Wortsworth.

Inside his home on the ground floor, the contents and names of each entry can be found on scrolls on the wall.

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