Gamers Are Divided Over Spider-Man 2’s Symbiote Suit

Spider-Man and controversial costumes go hand in hand. A few years ago, the comics revealed a blue, white, and orange suit with a resounding ‘eh’, while the MCU has long struggled with complaints about its suits, from the base suit’s lack of texture to the garishness of the clothes. Iron spider. Now it’s Insomniac’s turn as fans are buzzing about the new symbiote suit in Spider-Man 2 .

Part is gooey and composed of tendrils, an apparently alien organism that wraps around like Peter Parker wears, and other parts are armored, such as the shoulder straps, helmet, and backplate. It’s almost like a mix of Venom, Agent Venom, and the original black costume from the comics. Some even think that Peter it is Venom in this story. But the mix of styles doesn’t suit everyone.


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Someone immediately posted on Twitter: “They even added complex armor placements to the alien flesh to match his player”. This has been a common complaint with superhero costumes over the years, especially in live-action, as the MCU tends to add unnecessary details, lines, and armor to their costumes. Given that the symbiote suit is known for its simplicity, it’s understandable that over-complicating it would cause such a rift.

However, one look at the retweets of the quotes shows that not everyone agrees. “Still looking good,” tweeted @MarAbh999.

“literally what can I complain about, I’m so lost,” said @luci8n.

“I see the disappointment but it kind of looks like xenomorph exoskeletons to me and I think that’s nice,” tweeted @_Fabioso_.

“Agent Venom is vibrating and you’re telling me it’s bad,” said @Gayb_alls.

Others are more upset about what the symbiotic suit means and its place in the story. It debuted in the original Secret Wars comic, in which a group of Marvel characters are brought to a place in space called ‘Battleworld’ created by the Beyonder. Here, Peter finds a black suit that he assumes is simply futuristic technology, which he can immediately put on with his thoughts, but later realizes that it is an alien organism, so he tries to get rid of it.

In Spider-Man 2, as in other modern adaptations, he’s fully aware that he’s not just fabric, so the suit reflects that in its design. This opens the door for an interesting dynamic with Miles, but some are unhappy with the lack of comedic precision.

Wherever you land, at least they didn’t keep the symbiote suit as a surprise, right?

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