Dragon’s Dogma Fans Think Sequel Takes Place In Hearthstone

If you’re not an avid Dragon’s Dogma poet (or even a knowledge ox), the title of this article may have you scratching your head. ‘Dragon’s Dogma 2 takes place in Hearthstone? A World of Warcraft product?’ Let me clear the air – no. This is one of the game’s kingdoms, and although it was mentioned in the first Dragon’s Dogma, we’ve never seen it before. But the sequel could change that.

Fans on the Dragon’s Dogma subreddit are already ganging up on the new trailer to try and tease out some new details from the footage shown. One moment in particular excites fans and that’s the one in the image above – a scenic shot of the forest opening up to the coast to reveal a small town on a cliffside with mountains behind and a ruined tower rising in the distance. It’s nice, but it can also be a key indicator of where the game is set.


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“This scene shows a kingdom on the OTHER side of Bluemoon Tower from Gransys,” SlickLikeATrout posted. “Could DD2 take place in Hearthstone??”

Bluemoon Tower is in the first game. It is home to the outcast wizard Salome and can be found in the Pastona Cavern region. It is immediately recognizable, but everything before it is not, so we are probably somewhere new. So the likely answer is that we are on the other side of the water.

Hearthstone isn’t named so because of Blizzard’s successful card game, but because it’s ruled by Grende Hearthstone. Little is known about the kingdom other than the fact that they love wine. The trailer also mentioned ‘Vermund’ which left fans scratching their heads as it is not one of the four kingdoms we know of, the other three being Voldoa, Meloire and Gransys.

However, SlickLikeATrout has a theory behind it as well. “Perhaps capital could be one of these [kingdoms],” they said. “But it’s not too hard to be in another place entirely.”

Dragon's Dogma Bluemoon Tower behind the castle walls
Bluemoon Tower from the first Dragon’s Dogma game

Others believe that this is still Gransys instead of a neighboring kingdom across the water from Gransys from the first game, and we’re simply exploring an expanded version of the original map. This would also explain the presence of a known landmark, but even if this theory is not true and we are in a new realm like Hearthstone, some in the comments share the feeling of wanting to return to Gransys to see how it has changed. Maybe their wish will come true anyway.

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