Uncharted Waters Origin brings new admirals and assault content with its May 2023 update

Maritime sandbox RPG, The source of unknown watersrecently released its May 2023 update with a joint effort LINE games, Motif and KOEI TECMO GAMES. This update introduces two additional admirals and brings improvements to various aspects of the game such as Attack function and implementation a Mate Training System.

Uncharted Waters Origin May 2023 Update Brings New Admirals Leon Franco and Sayyid al Hurr

In the Uncharted Waters series, there is a character named Leon Franco he emerges as a fresh S-rank admiral who has inherited the determination of the former head of the Portuguese household. His main goal is to restore the destroyed legacy of his family. By specializing in trade, Leon Franco significantly improves the trade in art and weapons. Upon successful completion of his memories, users will be rewarded with 5 Christina tickets, a Superior Mate EXP potion, and more Mate tickets.

Another important character, Sayyida al Hurra, takes on the role of the new S-rank admiral. As the final ruler of Granada, she embarks on a journey to avenge her family and reclaim the lost city from the Christian forces that conquered it in the distant past. Sayyida al Hurra has an outstanding admiral order focused on battle strategies. Users who fully complete their Memoir will receive a variety of valuable items, including 5 Reis Tickets, Premium Mate EXP Potion, and Superior Mate Ticket.

Uncharted Waters Origin gets new Assault content and Guild content updates

A recently added piece of content called Assault involves the collective efforts of users to engage in boss battles. One of these bosses, named Edward Teach, can be challenged by users with a company LV of 45 or more. Players can team up to face ‘Edward Teach’ who has strong wide attacks but weak Ram Defense. Successful efforts against the boss lead to an acquisition Gear class and a variety of loot as rewards.

Guild donation refers to content that gives beneficial effects and enhancements to all guild members when a user contributes various types of currency to their guild. On the other hand, Guild Attack involves guild members participating in a boss fight. These boss encounters offer a range of difficulty levels, from easy to harder, and offer opportunities to obtain special items.

The May 2023 update introduced a new Mate training system

A new system called ‘Mate Training’ has been introduced, allowing users to improve the skills of advanced mates who have reached the final level. With this system, users can experience the joy of raising partners that are fully developed based on their personal preferences.

Additionally, a ‘Change Appearance’ option has been introduced, allowing users to outfit their partners with their chosen gear. These equipment items can be purchased in the shop, and changing the appearance of a companion grants users additional experience for fighting, trading and adventuring.

Uncharted Waters Origin 100 Day Anniversary Event Opens June 8, 2023

In honor of the 100-day milestone since the worldwide release of ‘Uncharted Waters Origin’, a festive occasion is planned between June 8 (00:00, UTC+9) and June 28 (23:59, UTC+9). . Participants who log into the game for a minimum of 7 days during the duration of the event will be eligible to obtain exclusive items essential for progression such as 100 Day Celebration Hat, Armor to celebrate 100 daysand 10 Superior Mate tickets.

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