Undawn is an open-world survival RPG set to release globally on June 15, 2023

Infinite levela renowned gaming brand committed to providing top-notch gaming to players around the world has joined forces with LightSpeed ​​Studios, a highly sophisticated and revolutionary game development company. Together, they revealed the global release date June 15, 2023for the long-awaited open world survival RPG One handed. Players who choose to pre-register for the game will receive exclusive in-game rewards when the game officially launches.

Unite factions, protect allies, and restore humanity to Undawn

In the post-apocalyptic world of Undawn, the survivors have formed separate factions, each with their own set of survival principles. As a member of the famed Raven Squad, players will battle individuals belonging to the Clown, Eagle, Night Owl, and Reiver factions, all seeking to secure the territories and endure the harrowing nights until dawn comes again.

In order to protect their habitats, comrades and the remnants of humanity, these survivors must use a diverse array of weapons and protective equipment. In addition to conventional weapons, players can equip themselves with tactical gear such as melee weapons, drones, decoy explosives, automated turrets and more, leveling the playing field on the battlefield.

Will Smith will make his video game debut as legendary survivor Trey Jones with the release of Undawn

On their exciting journey, players will encounter the iconic survivor Trey Jones, portrayed by renowned Hollywood actor Will Smith. Trey takes on the role of mentor and helps fellow survivors navigate a post-apocalyptic world four years after a catastrophic global event. Within this fledgling society, players will have the opportunity to explore a vast open world filled with diverse landscapes, including grassy plains, underground mines, scorching deserts, bleak swamps, and abandoned cities.

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Each of these environments presents different ecosystems and dangerous hazards. Gearing up to endure unrelenting elements such as rain, extreme heat, blizzards and storms, survivors must withstand the enormous challenges they face while keeping a close eye on their character’s health and general well-being in order to stay lives despite seemingly insurmountable odds. .

Sign up early to receive Undawn starter rewards

By registering early for the game, players can gain access to special rewards within the game itself, which are determined based on certain milestones achieved during the pre-registration period. These rewards include various in-game benefits such as currency, ammo, medicine, cosmetics and other valuable resources.

As players reach more milestones, they will receive increasing rewards that can significantly increase their initial progress in the game. Undawn, the first mobile gaming experience, will be released on iOS and Android devices on June 15, 2023 and is free to play.

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