Miles And Black Cat Have New Costumes In Spider-Man 2

You might have been distracted by Peter Parker’s new symbiote suit, but it turns out that both Miles Morales and the Black Cat have brand new costumes in Spider-Man 2.

By far the biggest game shown at yesterday’s PlayStation Showcase was Spider-Man 2, which received over 10 minutes of gameplay footage that confirmed many new features such as the return of the Queens, the addition of a wingsuit and, of course, Peter Parker getting a suit symbiote. This symbiote outfit stole the show, as you’d expect, but it wasn’t the only new costume shown in the clip.

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It turns out that both Miles Morales and Black Cat have new outfits that can be seen at various points in the gameplay demo. Let’s start with Miles, since his new costume is the one you get to see a lot of. Like Peter’s new version of the Advanced Suit, Miles is very similar to the one we saw in the last game, except that he has seen some design changes.

Comparison of Miles' new suit in Spider-Man 2.

The main difference is that Miles’ new outfit has a red color that runs all the way down to his arms instead of stopping at the top of his shoulder blades. This red now extends all the way to his fists, making his hands almost look like MMA fighting gloves. It also removes some of the random casts of black along the arm and seems to stick to just one shade darker throughout the costume.

Since the changes to Miles’ outfit are so subtle, it’s been hard to gauge how Spider-Man fans feel about Miles’ new outfit, however, one early reaction from Twitter user _VYGRR is not exactly positive, calling it “one of the biggest cuts of all time” for a randomly drawn red and new gloves. This might be a bit of an overreaction for what is essentially the same outfit, but the gloves are a bit combative compared to the last game.

Then there’s the Black Cat, who appears for maybe two seconds in gameplay via a headshot that appears on a map of New York City that Kraven is looking at on a tablet. Those two seconds were apparently enough for the Twitter user and pure silver Black Cat fan notice that Felicia Hardy has a new outfit this time.

It’s hard to tell just from the headshot, but it looks like her outfit isn’t wearing black and white this time around, instead of the black and silver look she had in the original game. We’ve only seen the top half, but I’m already more in favor of the white and black, which stand out a bit more this time.

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