Complete Chapter Three Walkthrough In The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum

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  • How to distribute food in breeding pits
  • How to meet a man with a candle

After all the climbing and chaos of the previous chapter v Lord of the Rings: Gollum, the third chapter takes a much more thoughtful approach. There will still be plenty of orcs yelling at you to hurry, but by the end you’ll have forged a new companion and new plans.

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Whether you need to find all the levers in the breeding pits or are stumped on how to hatch a bird egg, this guide has all the information you need. Read on to continue your escapades in the Abyss of Mordor!

How to distribute food in breeding pits

the lord of the rings: gollum sits opposite the lever in the spawning grounds of mordor

When the gondola reaches the breeding pits, follow the breeder across the bridge until it stops. Pull the lever as he orders, then we continue along the path alone. You will eventually reach a circular dead end.


Stand on the grate in the center of the circle and Jump up to reach the platform above you. there, climb the wall to the top of the rickety structure and turn around. Jump on the swing and use it to reach the ledge next to the wall.

Then pull the lever directly in front of you climb the wall to the right. At the top, jump across to the platform that you can use to reach the swinging pole high above. Shimmy to the left side of the bar and swing to the ledge over; your stamina will be almost depleted when you land, so let it recover.

Then activate the feeder on the right go to the left side of the area and activate the one there as well. Facing the lever, look forward and right; you will see some platforms that you can reach by jumping. Climb up and crawl the planks to reach the fourth feeder.

Look for some swinging bars above the middle of the area; use them to achieve climbing wall ahead and left. Turn left at the top to locate and activate the rear feeder; It will be Gollum automatically returns to the bottom. Boarding the gondola and returning to the barracks.

Not much else going on in the main area right now, so yeah go back to your cell and ends the day by the window. You will be able to on the way down the ramp examine the upper skulls while the nearby orcs discuss the mark of the traitor.

If you killed the Fragile Man and then blackmailed him in the second chapter, there will be a piece of bread on the floor for you in the cell.

How to meet a man with a candle

the man of the candle in the lord of the rings: gollum

As play continues, board the gondola Cruel Women stage left. They will take you to the tower; follow Balrat down the corridor and to the left. When Balrat is summoned away, he can go to the opposite end of the lobby see a picture of the sorcerer king or a head straight down the ramp for a meeting with Svečnik.

Then try to open the door to Candle Man’s office run along the wall to the left to reach the tunnel that leads inside. Jump to the rafters and then to the ground. You might take a little damage from the second fall, but not enough to merit wasting healing.

Then take the green bottle on the table across from the table ring the bell on the balcony overlooking the door. Then go through the door behind the table and eavesdropped on Svečnik’s conversation with Sauron’s mouth. If you want, you can to study odds and ends across the room; if you helped free the witch from the mines, it will near the bookshelves at the far end for a quick chat.

Peek through the keyhole on the right side of the wall map and wait for the Candlestick and the Mouth to stop talking; once Sauron’s mouth leaves, the door will open allowing you to approach the Candle Man.

Candle Man will ask you to implicate someone in destroying the bridge. You can either tell the truth or blame the mine manager. After the conversation, there is a time jump.

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How to hatch a bird

notes left by the previous bird keeper in lord of the rings: gollum

Follow Balrat to the Bird Breeding Hall; on the way you will see Sauron’s mouth again, but Balrat won’t let you follow him. Talk to the Candle Man and he will give you an order hatch a bird’s egg. Then take the blue egg from the cage near the keys place in the pot on the left. Choose one of the Mormak egg dye pumps; black, brown or white. The color you choose will determine the color of the hatched bird and slightly alter some future dialogue, but it is otherwise irrelevant.

Next, you need to prepare the incubator adding wood and pumping bellows bake. Each colored egg requires a different level of heat; you can find notes from an old bird keeper scrawled all over the area:


Hint Location


Pumps with bellows


Behind the cages near the keys.




In the alcove behind the incubation nest.




Behind the pillar in front of the furnace.



Once the oven is set according to the egg you have selected, place the egg in the incubation nest and pull the nearby lever. If the combination is correct, a cutscene will trigger.

After talking to Candle Man, you will be released back to your cell. You can stay there and listen to the conversation between the Candlestick and the Witchor straight to the gondola.

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