The Best Party Compositions In Darkest Dungeon 2

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  • Man-At-Arms, Highways, Grave Robber, Plague Doctor
  • Man-At-Arms, Hellion, Jester, Vestal
  • Hellion, Flagellant, Runaway, Plague Doctor
  • Man-At-Arms, Leper, Bandit, Vestal
  • Leper, Flagellant, Plague Doctor, Madman

Darkest Dungeon 2 throws players of the first game back into combat and adventure into the dark and unforgiving world that made the first game so popular. Therefore, it is only fair that the old faces return, this time reinforced with some new features.

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While not everyone has yet to say goodbye to the events of the first game, the madness of the world won’t wait. So as you assemble a team to battle the encroaching darkness: which of these adventurers is best suited to defeat the horrors that lie ahead? Or at least, which ones have the best chance of coming back in one piece?



Man-At-Arms, Highways, Grave Robber, Plague Doctor

darkest dungeon 2 plague doctor grave robber gunman and bandit all standing by cart

Your starting characters and the ones you’ll probably play the most until you find other tracks you enjoy.

This layout is your starting composition for a reason; all these signs are easy to master and fill their roles well. While you can easily swap out these characters for others as you unlock more, it’s far from a bad idea to keep this group as your main lineup.

This allows you to approach new threats without adding new variables you don’t already like, and once you see what each of these characters can do for you, you can build them up to suit your reflexive playstyle.

Man-At-Arms, Hellion, Jester, Vestal

Darkest Dungeon 2 Man At Arms

This quartet focuses on the idea of ​​hitting hard and healing hard. With the front half doing the kicking and the back half as our support.

The Vestal is best used as a polishing and healing specialist, which she excels at. Jester is your stress healer and can come to your rescue with buffs or damage earlier in battles before the stress gets too bad. Man-At-Arms should be front and center as he is the biggest tank of the group and can take a lot of damage.

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This puts Hellion in second place from the start as he is a good damage dealer but doesn’t have as much health as Man-At-Arms.

By making sure Hellion and Man-At-Arms have more speed, you can often hit first and hard, ending fights faster. A good strategy is to follow up these strikes with your back rows to support the party or clear whoever is left behind if necessary.

Hellion, Flagellant, Runaway, Plague Doctor

Runaway using Swing in Darkest Dungeon 2

An interesting cast of characters, they may not seem like the ideal solution to your enemy problem, but they each add something to the mix.

Each of these characters has an affinity for a specific type of damage. Hellion can deal bleed damage, Flagellant and Plague Doctor are scaled to damage, and Runaway is Pyromaniac. Each of these damage types deals damage over time (DOT), which is perfect for larger targets with larger health bars.

Dual destroyers help a lot when damage resistance is high and allow for big sets. That being said, you can replace the Plague Doctor or Flagellant with other characters that fit the role if necessary. But it’s best to keep one to cover all your bases, or both to hit the target.

These types of DOT damage are not the only advantage; each of these signs holds their places well and has many other advantages.

Man-At-Arms, Leper, Bandit, Vestal

darkest dungeon 2 vestal casting dedication of light on the bandit

This group is all about doing as much damage as possible. It’s best used when you need to get in and out of an encounter as quickly as possible, allowing you to sacrifice those you’ve brought into battle.

Man-At-Arms and Leper are absolute thins and should be kept in first and second place respectively. Highwayman is a third rank champion and can hit most if not all targets from his position away from maximum damage. Vestal is still a designated healer, but she can be upgraded to do some solid damage from her position well away from the battle.

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When using this company, it’s best to choose your targets wisely and pay attention to the order of each character and enemy. Know who will attack what from your team and the enemy team. Picking the key targets to take out first will make cleaning up the rest of the bad guys a breeze.

Leper, Flagellant, Plague Doctor, Madman

Flagelant draws the energy of the malfunction in Darkest Dungeon 2.

A strong choice for later game battles and especially in boss encounters where stress is a key factor. You can’t ask for much more from a team like this.

Leper is a good choice as the main attacker, slashing through enemies with his greatsword. He and Flagelant can be swapped for spots one and two depending on the upgrades you’ve chosen for them and where best to use their attacks.

You should try to have your Leper and Flagellant take the main damage. Especially Flagelant, as his sepsis attack is incredible once his health gets low enough. Plague Doctor should be your healer, with the ability to damage where Flagellant fails and provide some damage/healing if needed.

Jester should remain in the background of the group, polishing the characters as necessary and reducing the stress that will undoubtedly arise as the conflict continues. Both he and Plague Doctor should focus on the front two characters – especially Flagelant, as his health and stress will fluctuate greatly with his moves.

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