The Best Mods For Medieval Dynasty

Games based on the medieval era are appealing for a variety of reasons, but many people ultimately want the struggles of that era to be reflected in modern titles. This makes the survival genre perfect for getting the most out of the medieval period. This is where the medieval dynasty comes into play.

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The game emphasizes both the survival aspects and RPG mechanics and makes sure you understand how hard work it really was to operate during this time period. Although Medieval Dynasty doesn’t offer much support for mods, there are still some mods that you can try to improve your game experience and they are listed below.

Updated on May 25, 2023 by Christopher Argentino: This visually stunning game offers captivating survival gameplay where maintaining a reliable income is paramount as you immerse yourself in its compelling narrative. However, the modding community has created imaginative mods that improve every aspect of the game and enhance your enjoyment. In this updated post, we highlight the best collection of awesome ways to breathe new life into your medieval dynasty.



15 Matrix save game

In winter, a pile of logs next to a freshly cut stump

Starting a new game in Medieval Dynasty may be fun the first time, but that freshness doesn’t stay intact for too long. This is where the Matrix Savegame mod comes in.

This save game adds a number of useful multipliers to take all the work out of this game. You get an advantage in everything from an increased build limit to a healthy dose of coins that spawn right from the start.

14 500 Building Limit Save game to start over

Three men sitting on wooden benches around a communal hearth

The build limit in Medieval Dynasty seems to be something that many long-time players have trouble with. If you are among the many people who find this limitation so limiting, then this save game is perfect for you.

Increases the in-game building limit to 500, increasing the freedom you’ll have to create a perfectly functioning society in the Middle Ages. It’s a simple but great change, especially since it shakes up the game’s current formula. Building a series of buildings without worrying about trivial constraints is a great way to show off your creativity and engage in some fun city-building mechanics.

13 Done with that

A first-person view of a hunter taking aim at a deer with a bow in winter

After a few plays of Medieval Dynasty, the repetition of the story mode can get pretty boring. If you want to avoid this problem, download the Done With This mod to eliminate a ton of hard work.

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Not only is the story complete with this mod, but you also have all the skills and techniques unlocked. Additionally, the mod gives you tons of resources and money so you can jump into the building side of things without worrying about collecting resources and generating income. If you’re looking to jump into the end game without putting in all the pre-requisite effort, then you’ll find plenty to like about this simple but enjoyable mod.

12 Behli’s ultimate realistic visuals

a figure riding a donkey in Behli's reworked mode for a medieval dynasty

Behli’s Ultimate Realistic Visuals aims to make you enjoy the game in a different light. As a result, you will see that the remastered version of the game has some of the most stunning visuals of the modding community that you will enjoy.

Behli’s does a great job of bringing Medieval Dynasty to life, and if you feel like the game needs a little sprucing up, you should add it to your download file.

11 Medieval Dynasty UE4 LowEndGaming This is a customization

a picture of a material storage building in a small village during the day

Not everyone has a premium gaming device that can easily play the latest games. Upgrading a PC is an expensive task and some simply don’t have the funds to do so. But that shouldn’t mean they can’t play the games they want.

That’s where this particular adjustment comes in. Downloading this simple mod drops the graphical fidelity of Medieval Dynasty significantly, so you can still play this game on low-end hardware. Given how big a topic accessibility has become in gaming, it’s easy to see why mods like this deserve attention.

10 Medieval Dynasty – Blank video on startup

A donkey in a medieval dynasty

Many games have unskippable videos that play on startup, and once you see them, the novelty wears off quickly. Suffice it to say that the medieval dynasty is no exception to this rule. In an ideal scenario, you would be able to launch the game and start playing it right away. This is where PC games shine, as such basic fixes are integrated right away.

This simple mod does exactly that by removing all the long boot videos for Medieval Dynasty. The fix this mod makes is pretty clever – it replaces the basic intro videos with empty ones that are significantly shortened. You’ll absolutely love the minor but welcome change this mod has made, allowing you to jump into the game at a moment’s notice instead of being frustrated by overly long intros.

9 Reimagining Medieval Dark Realism

workshop with lighting at night
via Raveyl/Steam

Transform mods are common in most computer games due to the relative ease of designing such mods. Medieval Dynasty has also received its fair share of mods that change the graphics in one way or another, with some of them being a great way to improve or replace the visuals of this title.

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Medieval Dark Realism Reshade mod perfectly adjusts the visual image of the game and provides a different experience. It might not be the most groundbreaking mod, but you will find some value in this mod if you might be getting tired of the vanilla visuals.

rasputin bardcore cover

This mod is as simple as it gets, a simple little change to the game that is sure to put a smile on your face. If you play a game like Medieval Dynasty, you’ve no doubt come across Bardcore remixes on Youtube many times.

And one of the most famous is the Boney M Rasputin version. With Main Menu Music Replacer With Rasputin Bardcore you will enjoy one of the best remixes ever to grace the algorithm.

7 MD Manager

md manager excel spreadsheet for medieval dynasty

As a devoted fan of the medieval dynasty, you will be thrilled to discover MD Manager. Thanks to Excel, it enhances your gameplay in a very unique way. This awesome tool enhances your gaming experience by providing an intuitive Excel sheet for micro-management. With the MD Manager mod, you gain more control over your village’s resources, tasks, and progress.

This comprehensive tool allows you to effectively manage villagers, track inventory, plan construction projects and optimize productivity. This is a game changer if you are a meticulous player looking for a more organized and strategic approach to your medieval village.

6 Reshaping the Medieval Dynasty

Houses in a medieval dynasty

Reshade mods are easily some of the most widely used visual mods. Even games with little or no modding support still contain remastered mods that change the look of the title in one way or another. This is the easiest mode to integrate into any game, so it should come as no surprise that Medieval Dynasty has such a simple mode as well.

This redesign adds simple yet noticeable changes to the game that freshen up the look of a medieval dynasty. Considering the hours you’ll be putting into this title, it’s definitely not a bad idea to change the game’s visuals so you don’t end up losing appeal after a point.

There are two versions of this mod if you are interested. The standard version contains minor changes to improve sharpness, contrast and shadows. The optimal version has better occlusion of the environment and less sharpness. Try both versions to see which one suits your interests.

5 Medieval dynasty – preset to the surprise of rustic realism

Rustic Realism ReShade mod for Medieval Dynasty

While the aforementioned makeover certainly has a lot going for it, there’s no denying the fact that the Rustic Realism ReShade Preset mod is simply far superior when it comes to improving the look of the game. This makes the game look much more vibrant and enjoyable than the base version. The fact that these colors also don’t cross the line and look pretty realistic makes them even better.

Of course, whenever you download a morphing mod, you should also keep in mind the power of your graphics card. You shouldn’t suffer this refactoring if you’re running the game on minimal gear, as the FPS drop can be pretty terrible. No matter how beautiful the game looks, it’s definitely not worth such annoying graphical degradation.

4 A New Beginning – Rich

a work table in front of a fishing hut overlooking the river

Money is hard to come by in Medieval Dynasty and you will have to do a lot of looting in the game to have a chance to pay taxes and develop a real settlement. As with most survival games, this makes much of Medieval Dynasty’s gameplay feel quite tedious at times, especially if you’ve been through the game before. A good understanding of the game and its mechanics is required for this title to really start making big bucks, and even that may not be enough for many.

There is a Fresh Start mod that allows you to start with wealth and skills. However, if you want to develop these skills yourself, then there is a version of this mod that only enriches instead.

3 A new beginning Dr. Evil

villagers around a campfire in a guest house on a foggy day

The funny nature of this mod helps it earn a spot on this list. After all, its functionality is almost identical to the Rich mod discussed above, but the unusual title and description make it oh-so-fun to use.

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To imagine that the medieval dr. Evil using all these riches for some dastardly deeds is really funny. Of course, the idea of ​​starting with millions of assets is pretty exciting in itself, and that’s what you should focus on with this mod if you’re interested in improving your gameplay.

2 Technology unlocked

Medieval dynasty animals roaming the farm

There are various technologies that you can unlock in Medieval Dynasty to make the game easier. This also allows you to explore many options in the game that are locked from the get-go, but there’s no denying that unlocking these technologies on repeated playthroughs can be quite painful after a point.

You can use this method if you don’t want to go through the trouble of unlocking this technology. It’s a simple but great way to increase the replayability of this great title, which is what many fans would want from a survival title with fairly deep and engaging mechanics like Medieval Dynasty.

1 A New Beginning – Rich and Skilled

A blacksmith in a medieval dynasty

Medieval Dynasty starts you off with nothing more than the virtual clothes on your back and an eagerness to learn the mechanics of the game. After putting in a lot of time and effort, you’ll soon be able to come to life in this world that will make all the time and effort you’ve put into the game pay off big.

However, you might not want to put that many hours into the game just to enjoy the meat and bones of this title. This can be for a number of reasons – maybe you’re starting a new game, don’t have a lot of time, or just aren’t ready. Whatever the case, you can easily download this easy mod, which starts you off with 20,000 coins and unlocks all tech trees with 10,000 spare points. It’s a great way to enjoy the benefits of the game without having to endure the hassle.

Of course, those who just want money can instead download an alternative version of this mod that only enriches without affecting your abilities.

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