Restaurant Tycoon 2 Codes (May 2023)

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We have the latest Restaurant Tycoon 2 Cheats here, one of the best Roblox tycoon games where you can channel your inner chef! You can build your own restaurant, cafe or restaurant from scratch with the help of the game’s handy construction tools. After preparing the premises, stock them with food, go to the kitchen and start preparing delicious food. Go to your friend’s restaurant to see what they’ve prepared and get ready for some friendly competition.

New food, updates and codes (sometimes) are added regularly.

We have added a new code May 25.

All Restaurant Tycoon 2 Cheats




20 diamonds


250 cash


250 Free Cash

Turn it on

Wire frame lights Article

the ocean

Dolphin Item

Roblox codes are case sensitive – make sure you get them exactly as above, with correct capital letters, numbers and punctuation.


Restaurant Tycoon Expired Codes




20 diamonds


20 diamonds

new year 2023

Balloon Arc element


20 diamonds


20 diamonds


20 diamonds

team trees

25 diamonds


10 Cash


25 diamonds


20 Cash


20 diamonds

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How To Redeem Restaurant Tycoon 2 Codes

Restaurant Tycoon 2 YouTube Codes Redeem Page

Here’s how to get free in-game items.

  • Hit it Menu button in the lower right corner
  • Click Shop/shop
  • Click the YouTube code button in the upper left corner
  • Enter codes and redeem!

Code not working? Double-check that you entered it correctly, and if the code still doesn’t work, it’s probably expired. You’ll need to check back soon to see if you have a newer code.

How to get more Restaurant Tycoon 2 codes

We regularly check for new codes to save you the hassle, but if you want to get some insider info on when new codes will drop, any new updates coming, and if there are any Restaurant Tycoon giveaways, follow the official Twitter herecheck out the YouTube channel for short videos and code videos, and visit the Discord community to chat with your fellow players.

What are restaurant tycoon codes?

Restaurant Tycoon 2 House

Restaurant Tycoon codes are freebies given by the developers at Ultraw, the team behind the game. They’re usually added when there’s a big new update for the game, and you can redeem them for free stuff like diamonds (which are used to upgrade and buy new items), cash for groceries, and for free cosmetics to improve your restaurants. and home. These codes are not added very regularly, but we do our best to update this list.

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