Complete Chapter Seven Walkthrough For The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum

Chapter Seven of The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum brings you out of the game’s long flashback, to Gollum’s cell in the Halls of the Elven-King. The elves are better captors than the orcs, but they don’t seem to have any intention of letting Smeagol go to continue his search for the Precious.

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This guide will help you explore the halls of the Elven-King and get into places where you shouldn’t be without being detected. There are a lot of new places to discover, but you’ll get used to the new environment very quickly.

How To Escape In The River

smeagol plans a route to escape from the elves in the lord of the rings: gollum

Wait for the elves to open the door, then follow them upstairs until they stop by a door. Open it to enter the garden, and take the caterpillar near the arch to the left of the elves seated on the bench,


Climb the rocks near the river door; Smeagol will see a butterfly. Follow it up to the top and catch it sitting on a jar on the windowsill. From there, climb through the small gap at the top of the wall.

On the other side, look to the left for a column that you can climb down. When you’re back on the ground, follow the trail to the River Path.

Make your way down the ramp, crawling to stay quiet. When you come to a group of elf guards, collect the stones strewn about then crawl to the left.

Unlike the orcs in Mordor, the elves are too skilled to be throttled, even if you’re able to get behind them unnoticed.

Hide behind the crate and throw a rock at the metal object to the right of the lone elf. When he investigates, sneak behind him and into the tunnel he was watching. At the bottom is a room patrolled by a single elf; hide under the desk until you have a chance to leave through the opposite door.

Make a U-turn to your left, and you’ll find a stream guarded by elves. Swim past them to avoid being noticed, then climb out on the right after passing under the bridge.

From here, there are two ways to go; the left-hand path requires more dexterity, using wall-runs to cross the raging rapids, but isn’t watched by the elves. The right-hand path is guarded, and you’ll need to carefully move between the small patches of grass on either side with precise timing to avoid notice.

At the festival ground, climb into the stream and swim until you see a small bridge with an elf on top. Climb out to the left of her then climb the ladder in front of you. You’ll see the layout of the pools ahead.

Dive into the water and dive to swim under the bridge to the left where the two elves are sitting; don’t come up until you’re past them, and you won’t be detected. Swim to the bank on the right and climb up, hiding in the grass and collecting the mushrooms there.

Get back in the water on the other side of the bank and swim under the arch in front of you. On the other side, dive and swim to the left to avoid being seen, and come up when you reach the wall. You’ll be able to climb up here, to a pool above.

Stick to the right-hand wall and swim to the shore across from you; if you’re spotted, keep moving forward and hide around the corner until the elves give up the search. Swim to the right and climb onto the shore, then up the ramp to the left.

smeagol attempts to traverse the forest river in the lord of the rings: gollum

Follow the water upriver, staying on the rocks to avoid the current. Many of the jumps will require a running start, so it’s a good idea to take your time and let your stamina recover between leaps.

Again, there will be two routes up when you reach the end of the tunnel. The left-hand path is faster but more dangerous, as there are more opportunities to fall into the rapids. However, staying to the left makes it easier to get the Fish Bones collectible.

The next area introduces a new wall jump mechanic; when you see walls with white hand and foot prints on them, Gollum will latch onto them briefly when he jumps to them. You can jump off of them to get better landing angles, but you have to be quick or Gollum will fall.

Use the new ability to get to the other side of the chamber, where you’ll emerge into sunlight. A brief cutscene will show the cliffs that you need to climb. Follow the path around to the cliffside and start by climbing up the purple flowers.

Follow the path up and to the left and use the swing bar at the end to enter a tunnel and jump across a gap to the next section. You’ll be able to climb to the roof of the tunnel on the other side.

Continue climbing along the wall, this time to the right; you’ll see a lower path that leads to a dead-end with a collectible. Get it, then return and take the higher path.

At the top of the climb, you’ll jump across another gap. Go to the end of the ledge on the other side, then use the ladder to the right to climb up to the Elf-King’s palace.

How To Get The Blind Elf, Mell, To Talk To you

smeagol talks to mell the blind elf through her cell window in the lord of the rings: gollum

In the Great Cavern, follow the elves until they sit down, then go through the large doors to the left. Cross the garden and speak to Gandalf on the bench, then go through the doors to return to the cellars through the door across from him.

Inside the cellars, you can now enter the kitchen on the right to get a collectible, or proceed straight to Mell’s cell. Talk to her through the window to trigger a cutscene.

Mell isn’t interested in chatting, so go to the entrance of Gollum’s cell across the way. You’ll see a ramp leading up and over the door. Use it to reach a vent that leads into Mell’s cell. Attempt to open the door, then return to the kitchen and talk to the cook.

Take an apple from the barrel near the entrance and place it on the table outside Mell’s window. Talk to her, and a cutscene will take you ahead a few days. Go to the kitchen and grab some wine for Mell, then talk to her again.

Take the shell she gives you, then go out to the garden. Hop onto the rocks in the pond where the elves are chatting to trigger another cutscene. Afterward, go up the ramp to your left to start your climb to the Glittering Grotto.

How To Get The Shell In The Riddlemaster’s Chambers

elven banner and wall art in the lord of the rings: gollum

When the Cruel She-Elf taunts you, climb up the right-hand wall and use the swing bar there. When you land on the balcony, climb up the wall to your left. At the top, crawl to the left to avoid the elf sentries.

Wat for the guard on the left to turn around, then crawl clockwise along the perimeter of the room. On the balcony, jump over the rock formation on the right to get behind the guard watching that side. You’ll come to a ramp leading up to the next room.

Don’t go too far; when the ramp curves back to the right, there is an elf guarding the door ahead. Instead, run up the wall to the ledge above and use the swing bar to reach the platforms to the left.

Keep climbing to reach the pool at the top; there, you’ll hear Mell’s voice. Go toward the tower on the left and run up the wall to start climbing it.

After the first ledge, you’ll find yourself on a small veranda; take the Piece of Marble from the table for your collection, then continue upward. Climb the purple vines to enter a room inside, and run up the far wall, jumping backward to reach the next set of ledges.

Climb out the small window at the top and jump up to the left. Ring the bell at the top of the tower, then take a running jump into the pool to return to the bottom.

Climb out of the water via the purple vines on the left. Climb up and to the right, following the vines around the wall. At the end, use the ledges to reach the pool on the next level.

Follow the path to the left to find Gwendil’s chamber. There is a small pool to the left, where you can play at riddles with Mell. The answer to her riddle is “Grudge.” Examine the Riddlemaster’s door, then blow the candle on the table to the left.

Return to the door and go inside. Ahead and to the left is a room with a wooden sculpture. Climb the shelves to the right to find a climbing path that leads to the attic; you’ll have to jump between a few platforms. At the top is the shell that Mell needs you to find; take it, then leave.

How To Reach The Elf King’s Chamber

the glittering grotto in the lord of the rings: gollum

Go across to the second tower on the other side of the pond terrace. Climb the inside walls until you come to a window with a long ledge, then go back outside. Above the window is another climb point that you can use to continue.

Climb up and to the right to reach the second bell and ring it, then dive back into the pool. Climb up the center wall; at the top, jump to the ledge to the left and follow the path.

You’ll come to a wall that you can run up; before you do, pick the mushrooms at the base to replenish your health.

At the top of the wall, jump to the shore on the other side of the pool. Climb up and wall run along the cliffside. Continue upward using the purple vines above and the ledges to which they lead.

When you can’t climb any higher, jump backward and shimmy to the left along the bar until you can drop to the platform below. Keep climbing the wall from there.

At the top of the climb is the entrance to the Glittering Grotto. You’ll be given a choice whether to proceed or stay. When you use the shell, you’ll automatically be taken to the King’s Chambers.

Swim forward until you see a shore on the right that you can climb onto. The door into the room is locked, so stand on the bank and jump across the stream to the ledges on the other side. Climb up, then jump back across to a higher position.

Use a running jump to get to the platform on the right of the door, and follow the ledge all the way to the end. There, jump across to the stair-like rocks. You can optionally take the left-hand path to the bottom of the stairs to find the Pearl collectible, or just head upward and to the right to continue forward.

Wall run to the top of the waterfall, then climb the purple vines at the back of the chamber. Jump backward to another set of vines that will lead you to a platform near the ceiling.

Go to the end of the platform and turn around; you’ll see a ledge that you can climb along to the right, though it will take most of your stamina. Drop down on the other side and continue crawling along the cavern wall until you come to a small tunnel that you can use to enter Thranduil’s room.

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How To Get The Silver Bell

smeagol climbs the ceiling in thranduil's chamber to get the silver bell in the lord of the rings: gollum

Drop into the entryway, then take the first right to find a large harp. Pluck a string to activate the mechanism on the ceiling above. Climb the shelves against the far wall to reach the ledges on the nearby pillar Jump to the rotating mechanism and turn around. Time your swings carefully so that you can jump to the pillar on the other side as you pass.

Jump from one pillar to the next to reach the climbable ledge against the wall. Make your way to the right until you can jump to the upper mechanism. Swing to the bar across from you and wait for it to rotate; chances are you won’t have enough time to drop to the platform with the bell, so just wait for the mechanisms to rotate back into position.

When you take the bell, Gandalf and Thranduil will return. Gollum will hide behind the curtains; carefully make your way from curtain to curtain so that they don’t see you. There’s also a guard posted who is much more attentive, so use heightened senses to keep an eye on him.

How To Escape From The Elf King Thranduil

thranduil, king of the wood-elves in lord of the rings: gollum

Make your way clockwise around the room, hiding behind tables to evade guards. When you’re behind the wine bar, wait for the guard in front of you to turn around before scuttling to the right. Crawl behind the guard patrolling that side, then quickly duck behind the curtains before he turns around.

Continue counterclockwise around the room until you can slip past the guard at the door to the room where Thranduil and Gandalf are arguing. It might be worth waiting for Gandalf to leave before going inside, as that will mean one fewer pair of eyes to evade.

Stay to the right; there are more guards, but at least you can run from them; if Thranduil so much as sees you, it will result in a game over. Escape through the door in the right-hand corner.

How To Return The Silver Bell To Mell

smeagol hides from an elf guard in the lord of the rings: gollum

Outside hide in the flowers to the left and grab the nearby stone if you need one. Throw it at the steel object behind the guard to distract him, then drop through the hole behind him. Only drop to the rafter, not to ground level; otherwise you’ll land right on another guard.

Climb along the rafter to the left, then drop to the flower bed behind the next group of guards. Wait for the guard patrolling the left exit to turn around, then escape that way into the cover of another bed of flowers.

Move forward to the area past the arches, where another guard patrols. Wait in the flowers behind him for a chance to get to the other side, then do the same for the guard in the next room.

Crawl through the long flower bed along the right-hand wall until you’re close to the guard blocking the ledge Distract her with a stone off the object to the left, then drop down before she returns to her post. Make your way down the center of the cliff face to land on the rock outcropping below.

Don’t try to jump to the rock in the middle of the river; instead, take a running jump to reach the vines on the far side. Climb down, then jump to the shore on the left. You’ll find a path that leads behind the rock colum to a ledge above, to which you can jump.

At the top of the climb that follows, you’ll see a large, vine-covered wall right around the time Mell contacts you. Climb up and to the right to get inside the abandoned tower, then keep climbing using the ledges on the right-hand wall.

At the top, turn left to get a collectible, then hang over the edge on the right and drop down. After several drops, you’ll be on the ground at the far side of the tower. In the next area, Mell will ask you to find a mask that looks like Gwendil. Look at the one on the left when the brook bends to the right; you’ll have a choice to put out the memorial candle or not.

Follow the brook until you come to a guarded area; hide in the flowers and make your way forward. To the left is a wall you can climb to the upper level; it’s still guarded, but not as heavily. Sneak past the guard on the balcony and drop down on the other side. Wall run to the next platform over and jump around the barrier to get a collectible before proceeding.

In the next hallway a single guard patrols the narrow corridors. Wait for her to enter the nearer of the two side paths, then go to the further one and jump over the railing to the platform below. Use the swing bar to the left to climb up and over the building, escaping the area.

Talk to Mell through her cell window, go through the door to the right for a shortcut to her door. Place the bell on the enchanted device, then go inside and speak to Mell again. She’ll start following you.

Lead Mell out of the cellars; outside, follow the path to the left along the river bank. Watch out for the guarded bridge to your left; instead, follow the bank to the right and approach the waterfall; Mell will open a secret passage. At the end of the tunnel, you’ll be able to open the door and end the chapter after a brief conversation.

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