Medieval Dynasty Beginner Tips And Tricks

Medieval Dynasty is another in a long line of survival games with a twist. As you probably guessed from the name, there’s much more to this than simply surviving in the woods by picking berries and building yourself a shabby hut.

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In Medieval Dynasty, not only do you have to survive, but you also need to build a prosperous city in a medieval world. That means poor tools, little in the way of protection, and lots of diseases. It’s a difficult game for a first-time player, and luckily, we’ve got you covered with some basics.

Updated on May 22, 2023, by Christopher Argentino: You’ll require the finest guidance available if you aspire to establish a prosperous and enduring dynasty. That’s why we’ve taken the initiative to revamp our beginner tips for Medieval Dynasty, ensuring you have all the necessary steps at your disposal to accomplish your ultimate objective. Remember, ascending to greatness and constructing your medieval city takes time and patience. Challenges will undoubtedly arise along the way but fret not. Our carefully curated compilation of 17 invaluable tips will pave your path to success and bring you closer to realizing your ambitions. Embrace these insights, and witness your dynasty flourish and thrive like never before.



17 Everything Is Expensive, So Make What You Can

Medieval Dynasty Merchant Expensive

You may think markets are a safe haven when you first start the game. Don’t be fooled, though, as while everything you need can theoretically be purchased from the moment you start the game, it’ll all be out of reach, thanks to the prices.

In most of the game, prices on common goods will be very expensive. At the start of the game, when you’re broke, you won’t be able to buy anything. But even when you do save enough for basic materials, don’t bother. Instead, you should spend time building tools and planting crops, so you don’t have to spend so much on basic goods.

It would be a pain to buy food and other necessities for your villagers, so start farming, make an orchard, and raise animals.

Medieval Dynasty Wooden Tools

Another benefit of focusing on making your own tools and growing your own food early is that you’ll be able to sell them sooner. Even the most simplistic wood tools, like shovels or axes, can fetch decent prices at the market. Sure, you won’t be able to trade your handful of berries for a medieval mansion, but it all adds up.

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In Medieval Dynasty, you want to maximize how much you sell while minimizing what you buy. Crafting and selling basic tools earlier will give you a bit of extra cash and prepare you to build more elaborate tools and buildings in the future.

15 Scout The Perfect Location To Start Your Village

The Medieval Dynasty Map UI

When embarking on your journey in Medieval Dynasty, finding the perfect location for your village is crucial. As a beginner, take the time to scout and select a suitable spot. Consider the availability of nearby resources, the amount of flat land for farming and expansion, and the proximity to a town for selling your goods.

If you head towards Gostovia, you’ll find an abundance of stones by the river, providing a steady supply for your production of stone knives that you can sell at a profit for when the tax man comes.

14 Make Your Own Fertilizer

fields in medieval dynasty

If you want to save money in the early stages of Medieval Dynasty, the best thing to do is start picking up every type of berry you can. Once you have them, leave them on the ground and have them turn to rot. This way, you can create your own fertilizer.

If you want to go big, aim at making a nice cabbage field, and you’ll be able to have food and fertilizer coming from the same source. Plus, cabbage has a food value of six when eaten raw, making it a great all-round resource.

13 Berries Are An Essential Early On

Medieval Dynasty Berries

Like any survival game, you need to sleep, eat, and drink constantly. Berries are unique in that not only do they refill your hunger meter, but they also slightly replenish your thirst. It’s not much, but if you can find many berries (or start growing your own), you won’t have to rely so much on carting a ton of water everywhere.

Luckily, berries are fairly common. They can be found in multiple locations east of the starting city of Gostovia, west of the city across the river, Borowo, and especially north and east of Danica. It’s a good idea to hit these locations early, so you have a good supply going forward.

Berries are seasonal; you will only be able to find ripe berries in the Summer, so be sure to stock up!

12 Don’t Skip Seasons

herald in jester outfit standing outside in the snow

Especially as you play your first Medieval Dynasty, taking your time with the seasons is essential. Avoid the temptation of skipping to the next one too quickly. Instead, consider setting the season duration to around five days to strike a balance.

Take advantage of the initial two days to focus on your village and its inhabitants. Engage in activities like crafting tools, tending to the farm, and repairing or constructing buildings. Ensure your villagers have the necessary supplies to carry out their tasks effectively. Once your village is in order, dedicate the next three days to exploration.

11 Take The ‘Survival Sense’ Skill Early

Medieval Dynasty Survival Sense to hunt

Medieval Dynasty is part survival game and part RPG. Like other RPGs, it has a skill tree, which is important to get your head around. Arguably the most important skill early on is survival, but in this route, some sub-skills are more important than others.

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Be sure to pick Survival Sense in tier two as soon as you can. This will highlight all mushrooms, herbs, and feathers in Inspector Mode. It may not sound too impressive, but it saves you so much time looking for valuable resources – resources that you will always be looking for. Rather than spending a day gathering herbs, you can find them immediately.

10 Tier 2 Hunting

hunting in medieval dynasty

Early in the game, you’ll understand that hunting is the best way to find materials and food and increase your stats. You can’t continue without learning how to do it properly in the game.

The best advice we can give you is to aim to reach Tier Two hunting as early as possible. You’ll unlock a perk that lets you highlight wildlife; sure, it isn’t natural, but it can help you get through the winter.

9 Complete Alwin’s Quest ASAP

Medieval Dynasty Alwin Quest Bow Reward hunting a boar

In Gostovia, near the starting area, you’ll find a villager named Alwin. He’s a bit of a sad guy, pretending to be a knight and hoping to be useful at something, but he’s neither of those things. If you talk to him, he’ll send you a series of quests to prove yourself to him. You’ll want to complete these quests as soon as possible for multiple reasons – it’s an easy source of money and other rewards, but it’s also the easiest way to get a bow early.

You’ll need to complete nine objectives to get a bow. These start out easy, like giving Alwin a stick, hunting some deer, and delivering some coins to another villager. But to get the bow, you’ll need to find and kill a bear within a strict time limit.

Below, you can find a quick summary of each step in Alwin’s questline.

8 Prepare For Winter Quickly

Medieval Dynasty character preparing for Winter

As you probably expect, winter in Medieval Dynasty is no joke. It kills crops, slows trade, and if you ignore your temperature meter, it can kill you too. Seasons only last three days in the game (unless you change that yourself), but three days is all it takes to ruin your game if you’re not prepared.

That’s why you want to prepare for winter as soon as possible. Below, you can check out some essentials to prepare for winter.

  • Build your first house;
  • Stockpile supplies;
  • Grow and store fruits and veggies in spring and summer;
  • Hunt and store meats in fall and winter;
  • Make clothing with leather.

7 Don’t Sweat Your Dynasty Reputation Early On

Medieval Dynasty Dynasty Reputation

Dynasty Reputation tracks your actions throughout the game. Help villagers and complete quests, and your rating will go up. Fail quests or steal and kill villagers, and it’ll drop dramatically. If your reputation is good, you’ll attract more people to your village whenever you build it. But if it drops low enough, it’s game over.

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That may sound like a big deal, and ultimately it is, but when you’re first getting started, you don’t need to worry about your reputation too much. As long as you don’t go on a robbing or killing spree (which you can’t do anyway since you won’t have the weapons for it), you’ll be fine in this regard.

6 Choosing Your Location

Medieval Dynasty Map Where To Build First House

Deciding where to build your first home can seem like a monumental task. Your life and the future village are riding on where you decide to plant roots.

Across the river from Gostovia and east of Borowo is an ideal location to build if you are new to the game. It’s in a flat area, next to two roads, next to the river, and is close to two established villages. It is a bit of a pain to drag logs over there, but once that’s out of the way, you have a future-proof location for your village.

Overall, where you build your village is completely up to you. If you like to trade goods that you make, we recommend setting up fairly close to a village. Alternatively, you can choose somewhere quite far if you want to become self-sufficient.

5 Take Your Time

villagers doing work in medieval dynasty

The best way to grow your dynasty is by being patient. You’ll not go up the ranks in the first years. So take your time. Don’t rush to finish all the story chapters, because you need to get your things in order first.

But don’t leave the Chapter Quests to their own fate, because only by completing them will you be able to unlock new buildings. You’ll need more buildings to progress in the game, and most of all, you’ll need storage.

4 Children Take Stats From Parents

children in medieval dynasty

To start a dynasty, one must have offspring. That’s a given, but what is the best way to have good children in the game? It would be best if you found the right partner with excellent stats. Ideally, they would have multiple three stats.

Children in the game acquire their base skills from their parents’ average skillsets, so it’s ideal to have an intelligent partner and the correct stats you want to pass on to your child.

3 Save Those Seeds

farmland plot with flax growing

In Medieval Dynasty, it’s essential that you not waste your precious seeds. Optimal choices for farming are flax and cabbage seeds. Cabbage provides a valuable food source for your village, while flax can generate substantial profits.

One advantage of flax and cabbage is that they require less effort initially. However, when it’s time to harvest, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find an increased quantity of seeds compared to what you started with. This allows for significant growth in your seed stock after just a few seasons.

2 Managing Your Inventory

player in sewing hut looking at backpack crafting

While playing, you will inevitably come to a point where you hold too much. Your carrying capacity can be quite small if you are in the middle of gathering wood and stone to build a house. Fortunately, there are a few ways to increase the amount that can carry.

  • Getting mule extraction skill;
  • Crafting backpacks;
  • Getting a mount.

We also recommend building a storage building, so you can place anything that you are not currently using.

1 Be Ready For A Hefty Tax At Year’s End

Medieval Dynasty Hefty Year-end Tax

At the end of each year, you must pay a substantial tax to the tax man. This is unavoidable, and in your first few years, it’ll feel like a lot. Following this guide, you should be prepared to pay taxes.

By selling simple tools, avoiding buying from the market, and stocking up on supplies for the winter, you’ll have ample coins and supplies to pay off your taxes. Still, once you have your basic needs sorted, it’s not a bad idea to set up some steady income and save a percentage for your taxes.

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