T3 Arena Test Season update brings a new map, changes to 5v5 mode, ranked modes, and more

The taking action– full multiplayer third person shooter, T3 Arena is constantly improving by adding new features and items for its player base. The recently launched test season update is awaiting release Stadium, Season 1 next month. There have been amazing reworks of the 5v5 mode and ranked mode in addition to the introduction of a brand new in-game map.

The T3 Arena test season update brings changes to the 5v5 mode

T3 Arena was officially launched as a 3v3 multiplayer shooter. After successive seasonal updates, the developers teased the addition of a new 5v5 mode, which initially entered the game as a limited open beta in Season 5. The open beta only had 11 heroes to choose from, all of which had an extra second of active ability. The function of changing heroes within the match was also provided.

Changes to the 5v5 mode in T3 Arena
Image via XD Inc.

However, recent reworks in 5v5 mode have made the gameplay more interesting by including all 26 heroes with new secondary active skills and new balancing. Ranked matches will now only be available in 5v5 mode, which will reduce the time it takes to find matches.

Previous players had limited experience with this mode, but now with the inclusion of all 26 heroes, the potential of the 5v5 challenge is fully exploited. You can play selectively in Control or Payload Escort mode as shown in the 5v5 challenge section.

Image via XD Inc.

To address player complaints about the growing number of bots in the game, the developers have introduced a brand new “Advanced Mode” option for expert bonding. This will ensure that players with similar skill levels are queued with zero bots assigned to the match. The only downside is the poor matchmaking time.

Old Medina is the largest map available in T3 Arena 5v5 mode

Old Arena Medina T3
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In multi-mode games, maps play a vital role in enhancing the gaming experience. The test season introduced a brand new hybrid map called “Old Medina” and will be available in Payload escort mode. However, it comes with the special feature of combining both Control and Payload Escort in one map. The game advances to the Escort phase after the Attacking Team captures a control point. This map is only available in 5v5 mode, but a new and larger Elephant Istana map will be available next season.

The T3 Arena Test Season update brings changes to ranked matches

Speaking of changes to ranked matches, you can now unlock it at a much lower trophy level of 75 trophies. This has brought benefits as there is a new “Stadium Track” system where players can unlock free rewards as they progress through ranked games.

The time to find matches has also been significantly reduced and players can team up with others from the same league or higher or lower. New “Promotion Matches” are also introduced as players advance to Diamond level and above.

Changes to ranked matches in T3 Arena
Image via XD Inc.

The exciting new update ‘Stadion Season 1’ will be released soon after the end of the current test season on June 6, 2023. The inclusion of another active ability for heroes is also available to all players without the need to spend money. gems, t-coins or opening Rumble Boxes.

A number of other tweaks and features have been included, including a new MVP system, game mode changes, events, and hero remakes to enhance and enrich the gaming experience. The developers of T3 Arena focus on player feedback to make gameplay more engaging and fun.

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