Pokemon TCG: Mew VMAX Deck Guide

In the Sword & Shield era, changes tended to come quickly to the meta v Pokemon TCG. Now that Scarlet & Violet is getting underway, the dramatic rotation of official playing cards allowed has shaken things up even more. New power plants are replacing old ones. The stalling tactic that worked three months ago has been purged.

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But not everything is evolutionary. There are a handful of persistent ones — Boss’ Orders aren’t going away anytime soon, though we’re saying goodbye to things like the Inteleon Engine. And a well-calibrated spin on the original Mew VMAX continues to decimate rivals worldwide.


Updated on December 27, 2022 by Quinton O’Connor: With the Pokemon Trading Card Game’s Scarlet & Violet era now close and a delayed rotation in early 2023, it’s hard to say if we’ll have reason to revisit this item in the future. But we did today, clarifying some techniques and including a sample decklist. It’s unknown how long this will continue to be the case, but for now Mew VMAX remains an absolute behemoth on the battlefield.

Changes for crimson and purple

Pokemon TCG Scarlet Violet Koraidon ex Gold

Now that he’s left a solid chunk of cards from the Sword and Shield era with the latest rotation, several of the more prominent decks in the recent meta have been damaged in predictably dire ways, forcing creative fans to find bold new ways to maintain their relevance. . We see this – and the wonderful end results – across the landscape.

That said, Mew VMAX doesn’t really suffer as much as most, so the number of card changes is relatively small. This is largely due to the novelty of key cards; that much comes from the recent half of the Pokemon TCG trip to Galar. As you’ll learn below, things like the Battle VIP Pass and Power Tablet are great examples of powerful leftovers.

Nevertheless, the changes are felt. We even took this opportunity to adjust our original decklist to fit the strategies that emerged towards the end of the previous rotation; and of course we had to completely abandon certain concepts. Speed ​​balls are replaced with a mix of alternatives, for example. They mostly get the job done.

In fact, the changes shown at the end of our guide have little to do with the first batch of Scarlet & Violet cards available since this update. This may change over time. The best players, however, exchanged the previous Galarian cards for newer ones. Example: Switch Cart, Forest Seal Stone, Cyllene. Of course, the judge he’s already back, but he’s nowhere to be found in Sword & Shield either.

What makes Mew VMAX so special?

Mew VMAX Basic

Is it about everything Cross Fusion Strike? Two Colorless Energy is all you need to mimic the moves of your benched Fusion Strike Pokemon against your opponent. No. Strings. Attached. Such an attack defines a generation. It’s not unlike Clefairy’s metronome, only a hundred times better.

Naturally, it revolves around using the Fusion Strike kit. But that’s not such a bad thing when Fusion Strike decks rock. Here’s the most common approach: get a Mew VMAX in the field. keep it Genesekt V on the bench. Tap on Genesect V Techno Blast attack. This covers a very solid 210 damage, with a few disclaimers.

First, it costs two steel energy and one colorless. Hardly the scariest deal, but it does require a steady supply of steel energy, which you won’t need for the Mew VMAX pack. The second problem is important. Genesect V cannot attack on its next turn.

The two-energy retreat cost will eat you up quickly if Genesect V is your primary player, however Mew VMAX has zero withdrawal charges, meaning he can power off every turn, keep two colorless energy, and be replaced by (ideally) another Mew VMAX. Rinse and repeat. At 310 HP, the Mew is also surprisingly hefty – just beware of dark types.

Don’t ignore Mew VMAX’s second move. He won’t be an all-star, but he’s a great support. Max Miracle it hits the opponent’s active Pokemon for 130 at the modest cost of two Psychic Energy. The 130 from the VMAX doesn’t sound earth-shattering on its own, and in reality, it kind of isn’t.

But Max Miracle has an ace up his sleeve. It smashes through all obstacles, so your enemy can’t rely on any form of in-game special effects to stop it. If their deck is built around blocking, they are likely to struggle. Remember Zamazente V’s Dauntless Shield? Not so fearless anymore, puppy.

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How to build a great Mew VMAX Deck

A cute and powerful Pokemon, Mew

Look at this cutie. He certainly cannot terrorize the human race. It is definitely worthy of a Mew VMAX decklist.

Insure or lose

Since this is a Fusion Strike deck, avoid including Pokemon outside of the Fusion Strike system. Maybe it goes without saying; maybe not. But the synergy these cards can achieve cannot be overstated. You wouldn’t throw Squirtle into an All-Fire set. Probably.

Take it Mew V, for example. You will want to four of these, as they are the ladder to you two Mew VMAX. (4:3 ratio is pretty common in the meta, although 4:2 sometimes works better.) One of the nice things about the Mew VMAX deck is that your Mew Vs are not only ladders, however.

For one Psychic Energy, Mew V can find any energy in your deck and attach it to a Fusion Strike pokemon, boosting your powers early on or even towards the end if you’ve encountered the odd stalemate in a matchup.

Mew V’s Psychic Leap it deals 70 damage for that one psychic energy and skips the card back to your deck. “Why would I want to throw my Mew V back into the deck instead of evolving it into a VMAX?” You wouldn’t!

what you maybe instead, push Mew V to your bench and have the active Mew VMAX use Psychic Leap when he’s on his last level, preventing your competitive trainer from reaching three prize cards. If you have another VMAX on the line, stay sporty, but you can laugh.

How to use the updated kit

Nothing lasts forever, and as we’ve discussed before, the Mew VMAX deck required some fine-tuning, not to mention the tough requirement to completely eliminate face-down cards. (Unless you’re playing outside the official rules, in which case, hey, enjoy.)

We’ve given you the archetypal winning formula in terms of Pokemon, and that hasn’t changed with rotation, but what about trainer cards? In truth, the world is your Cloyster on it. The more you change things up, the better you’ll catch enemy teams off guard. Feel free to experiment with newer cards. Do not forget, this deck was initially heavy on trainer cards, and the new changes only made it worse.

That said, there are some staples you won’t want to be without. The boss’s ordersfor one. Power Tablet increases Fusion Strike pokemon’s damage by 30 for one turn. Here’s the nice part: you can use all four in your deck at the same time if you want. Are things getting as close to losing as you’d like? Perhaps ditching these to increase Mew VMAX will be the decisive blow.

Example Decklist

Mew Journeys Anime

We’re sharing a sample Mew VMAX build so you can see it all come together. As always, remember that you can adjust to your heart’s content. Some cards are essential; others can be gently maneuvered or completely changed. The most important cards (besides Mews, because hell!) are Genesects, Fusion Strike supports, and the aforementioned importance of Boss’s Orders and Power Tablet.

The Battle VIP Pass and Forest Seal Stone are newer additions that are probably just as important. Fusion Strike Energy is clearly a must, and the three double Turbo Energys do a great job of covering further bases, giving this a strikingly lean seven-energy build. Just remember that the point of this lean is to load trainers, not Pokemon. He only needs ten creatures for this click.

  • 2x Mew VMAX
  • 4x Mew V
  • 4x Genesect V
  • 1x Meloetta (Fusion Strike)
  • 1x Oricorio (Fusion Strike)
  • 4x Fusion Strike Energy
  • 3x double turbo energy
  • 4x Battle VIP Pass
  • 4x Power Tablets
  • 4x Ultra Ball
  • 4x Cram-o-nuts
  • 3x Boss orders
  • 2x trekking shoes
  • 2x belt of your choice
  • 2x Forest Signet Stone
  • 2x Escape Rope
  • 2x Elesa’s Sparkle
  • 2x Nest Ball
  • 1x feather ball
  • 1x heavy ball
  • 1x Echoing Horn
  • 1x lost vacuum
  • 1x Lost City
  • 1x Ruined stadium
  • 1x Way to the top
  • 1x switch trolley
  • 1x judge
  • 1x Cyllene

Cram-o-matic Panic

The four Cram-o-matic additions are new to most players here. It will reduce the size of your hand and a simple head roll will reach you precisely the draws you need and grab other Trainer (or Energy) cards in an instant.

Switch Cart Deluxe

What’s better than a simple switch? A simple switch that heals for 30 damage. It’s a simple explanation, but it’s a simple concept!

How will Mew VMAX change going forward? Of course, it won’t be too long before it needs to be dismantled and thrown away entirely. But the essential goals, the mode of operation, could be presented in similar cards. It’s a great approach, and as our kit list has changed over time, it’s obviously flexible too.

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