Seven Knights 2 brings a new hero, limited-time events, and more in its second May 2023 update

Netmarblethe renowned developer and publisher known for its premium mobile games reveals the launch of the second May 2023 update for its mobile RPG, Seven Knights 2. Players are now treated to a host of new content and exciting encounters, including the arrival of a Legendary+ hero, various costumes, and a series of limited-time events.

Seven Knights 2 introduces the legendary+ hero Bullet Dancer Colt

Players have the option to acquire the recently introduced Ranged type hero, Bullet Dancer Colt, at Legendary+ level. This calm and imposing marksman has exceptional abilities to avoid status ailments and mitigate damage. In moments of weakness, he has the ability to eliminate negative effects, to give himself Stealthand gain damage resistance.

Seven Knights 2 Bullet Dancer Colt
Image via Netmarble

In addition, using her skill will increase Avoid statistics. As for her ultimate, it allows her to instantly zoom in on a marked target, dealing additional damage that bypasses defenses. This damage is distributed evenly among all opponents in a straight line in front of the user. Besides, it is Tower of Heaven expands with a new difficulty added to the normal level (up to 60 lv.).

The second May 2023 update brings new events for Seven Knights 2

Several new events are now available to players, including:

1. Lucky&Punky! Registration (May 24 – June 14)

For 14 days, players can receive rewards for logging in from May 24 to June 14, 2023. Rewards include Punky Star Coins, Pet Summon Tickets, Rubies (x1500), Pet Summon Tickets, and more

2. Lucky&Punky Event Coin Shop (May 24 – June 14)

Players can take turns Punk Star Coins obtained through various missions and Lucky&Punky! Sign up for an event for more rewards in the event exchange. Prizes include Pet Shard+ Chest, Light Crystal Shards, Legendary+ Armor Selection Tickets, Mythology Upgrade Stones, and more.

3. Dance with Colt, Shoot & Loot (May 24 – June 7)

Players can gain rewards on the display board with Lucky Star Bullets obtained in various missions. Prizes include Mythic Upgrade Stones, Legendary Pet Summon Voucher Fragments, Pet Fragment Chest+, Light Crystal, Punky Star Coins, and more.

4. Lucky&Punky! Summon with Colt Event (May 24 – June 21)

Those who summon anything in the summon shop can get Punky Pet Coins according to the number of summons collected. Players can receive different rewards based on their earned coins. This event will be especially useful for players who need pets, e.g Legendary+ items to summon pets are available as rewards. Prizes include Pet Step Up Summon Tickets, Rubies, Legendary+ Pet Summon Voucher Fragments, Colt’s Punky Chests, and more.

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