8 Best Curios In Honkai: Star Rail

There are many things to experience in Honkai: Star Rail. If you particularly like its combat system, Simulated Universe can be a lot of fun and offer nice rewards. Blessings are a big part of winning battles easily and can make or break your run.

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This is where the Curiosities come in. The more you explore the simulated universe, the more Curiosity you get. They can greatly improve your blessings or your party in general, making them an invaluable asset. But some can also harm you. Choosing the best is the key to success.



8 Cubes to reduce dimensions

dimension reduction attraction in Honkai Impact: Star Rail

This Curio allows you to choose an additional blessing after winning a battle, although one blessing is also required in the equation. But even with this condition, the dimension reduction cube is incredibly useful. The more blessings you have, the better your chances of winning, and sometimes choosing just one blessing when there are several great ones is a pain.

This is a low risk, high reward situation. Although this Curio reduces the available blessings by one, chances are it more than makes up for it with the blessings you can still choose. But remember that it will be destroyed after using it twice.

7 Chaos Trametes

chaos trametes curio in Honkai Impact: Star Rail

You might be hesitant to reset blessings when they’re not great because it costs cosmic fragments. This Curio is there to ease some of your worries. It works very simply and gives you an extra free blessing reset when you choose them after winning a battle.

As impressive as it sounds, it can actually help a lot. There are times when your luck is not great and you have a poor pool of blessings to choose from. Chaos Trametes allows you to reset it and hopefully get a better pick at no cost.

6 Glue for happiness

the lucky glue feature in Honkai Impact: Star Rail

The boons you get come in different rarities, and you’ll obviously want to have those higher rarities with you whenever you can help out. But luck isn’t always on your side, and you might see more rare one-star blessings than anything else.

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If you have Fortune Glue on hand, you won’t have to worry about this as much, as it ensures that any blessings that appear will be three-star rarity. However, this Curio is destroyed once activated, so you must use it wisely. Pairing it with Chaos Trametes for a free three-star Blessing refresh will give you even more value.

5 A note from beyond the sky

record from beyond the sky in Honkai Impact: Star Rail

This Curio can really save your bacon against particularly annoying enemies and especially bosses. When you start a battle, any DMG your characters receive will be negated until they are attacked. They will also be immune to debuffs three times. However, Damage Over Time still affects them.

That’s why Record From Beyond The Sky is a lifesaver when you’re facing bosses who attack first and like to use debuffs. This Curio can turn the tables and increase the chances of winning against them. It also doesn’t get destroyed after being triggered a certain number of times.

4 Doctor’s gown

the interestingness of the doctor's robe in Honkai Impact: Star Rail

Path Resonance is a mechanic that can help you in a pinch, so increasing her energy is always a good idea. You should usually plan how to use it wisely, as you don’t get its energy very quickly. But with The Doctor’s Robe, you don’t have to hold back any longer.

Not only does it raise Path Resonance Energy to its highest level in every battle, but it also increases Path Resonance DMG by a whopping 40 percent. Best of all, this Curio doesn’t expire, so it’s definitely one of the more powerful ones you can get. Get ready to spam that Path Resonance.

3 Infinitely recursive code

infinitely recursive code in Honkai Impact: Star Rail

You have to be careful with Code Curios because three battles will have negative effects on characters before they are fixed and switch to positive effects. Infinitely Recursive Code can be one of the best Curios if you can survive its drawback in three battles.

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You need skill points to use your characters’ skills, and basic ATK gives you one skill point. This Curio consumes one additional skill point each time a character uses the skill, meaning you need to plan more carefully when it’s active. However, after three battles, it recovers one extra skill point every time a character uses base ATK, allowing you to use the skill much more often.

2 Punk lord mentality

punklord mentality interesting in Honkai Impact: Star Rail

If you want to ensure victory, exploiting your enemy’s weaknesses is a good way to do it. It’s basically a staple of turn-based games. This Curio makes it so that within three turns all enemies in battle will definitely have an added weakness that is the same element as one of your characters.

It’s useful if you don’t have a lot of different types of characters in your team, but even if you do, the 100% chance of weakness makes it easier to defeat even the strongest enemies.

1 The parchment that always sings

the parchment that always sings of interest in Honkai Impact: Star Rail

This Curio looks menacing, but luckily it’s only a threat to your enemies. Each time you enter battle, all enemies take damage proportional to 30 percent of their maximum HP. This makes battles go faster and automatically reduces the chances of a character getting annoyingly killed by a near-dead enemy.

It also helps you deal with enemies who side with tankiers or whose weaknesses are not covered by any of your characters. A big part of the secret to success is hurting your opponent before they can hurt you, and this Curio certainly helps with that.

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