Lost Seas gets an official launch for Android and iOS in select regions

Mystic Abyss: Lost Seasthe RPG address from NetEase Games, is now officially available in select regions following a regional launch on both Android and iOS devices. The project has several names in different regions, namely Project Atlas, The Lost Abyssand abbreviated to The Lost Seas.

Mystic Abyss: Lost Seas brings the underwater world to life

The plot of the game takes place in the underwater kingdom, as the name suggests, where the player has to overcome several obstacles. Earth was engulfed by the disaster of the eye of the sea in the year 220 Yuan calendar, the land has been eaten by the sea, and the civilization of the past has crashed to the bottom of the water, where the player must test his instincts.

Game Mystic Abyss: Lost Seas
Image via NetEase

The visuals also look pretty impressive, which includes sunken metropolises and interesting ruins of civilization. From sailing on the sea surface to diving underwater, you can explore all areas of the post-apocalyptic oceans while avoiding predators and collecting survival materials with a range of materials to choose from, allowing you to start a new life in water from the ground up.

In addition to mutated monsters, the ocean environment contains pleasant sea creatures and charming aquatic pets. Travel with whales, help dolphins rescue your friends, and even interact with strange and charming sea creatures. However, there is no option for English language support right now, which is unfortunate for those who want to try out the release.

Players from Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao regions can download Mystic Abyss: Lost Seas on their Android and iOS devices by browsing the Google Play Store and App Store respectively. The global release date is unknown, so stay tuned for official updates.

What are your thoughts when Mystic Abyss: Lost Seas officially launches on Android and iOS in select regions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

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