The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum

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  • How to save Grashneg from the Orcs
  • How to escape from Shelob

Chapter Six v Lord of the Rings: Gollum it is relatively short and serves as a transition between the two main areas of the game; Mordor and Mirkwood. The only way out of Mordor is through Shelob’s lair, and she considers anything that enters her cave a meal!

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This guide will help you once again avoid the orcs of Cirith Ungol and navigate the spider’s domain without getting caught in her web. Escaping Shelob can be a challenge, so don’t give up if you don’t succeed in your first few attempts.

How to save Grashneg from the Orcs

smeagol watches grashny from above in cirith ungol in lord of the rings: gollum

The chapter opens with Gollum back in his lair in Cirith Ungol. Follow the bird through the small tunnel in the corner and up the shaft just as you did at the beginning of the game. At the top you will see a coachman lost in the mountains.


Climb the wall to the left follow the trailer from above. At the end of the path you will climb to the top of the cliff and see some orcs that the cartman will run into. Jump over the gap and down to the ridge over the orc camp and push the log to the right over the edge. This will scare off the boroks and let the driver know the orcs are there.

Move to the left and wait in the grass for the orc to pass, then crawls past his two companions. Then drop down the edge of the cliff on the right to get past the door drop the ladder on the left to help the charioteer stand up.

How to find Shelob

smeagol enters shelob's lair in lord of the rings: gollum

Take the wagon driver to Shelob’s lair and follow the path; right, right, left. Gollum will also give instructions, and you can use your developed senses to choose the right path. When you enter the room, crawl through the tunnel to the right. Hang on the edge at the end and jump to the rightthen back to the other side.

On the far side of the chamber are two paths that lead to a lever that will lower the bridge for the cartman. The right path is dangerous as it involves a tricky combination of running and wall jumping, but you will be rewarded with a collectible, the Orc’s Tooth.

Pull the lever and then take the trolley driver forward into the tunnel. When you reach Sheloba’s pantry, start by going left and then right. You will see the entrance to the lair with a bright green glow; go inside and find the lit chamber on the right towards the end of the tunnel.

Climb to the top of the shaft and through the small tunnel you find there; in the room with the green orb, drop through a hole in the ground find Shelob. Gollum and Smeagol will argue over whether to feed her the coachman.

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How to escape from Shelob

smeagol hides from shelob in lord of the rings: gollum

After an argument, run towards the screen escape Shelob. Follow the green markings on the floor for the safest routes, jumping over nets stay in front of her. When the path splits, wall run to get past a large patch of netting.

Gollum’s stamina will not decrease while hunting, so keep sprinting!

When you drop down to the room below, Shelob will interrupt the hunt. Climb the rocks to the chamber above and to the left then carefully climb to the other side. If you try to just drop down and catch the lichen while falling, you will crash to the bottom of the pit.

Use the swinging bar at the very bottom of the cave to cross the gap, then climb up as high as you can. At the other end of the edge, perform a running jump to catch the lichen on the far wall, then jump back to the patch behind you.

Shelob will reappear above you; keep jumping back without any change in her position, letting gravity do most of the work to stay ahead of her. You may have a hard time landing on the bottom, but don’t stop; crawl through the tunnel to the right to start another chase sequence.

This chase has one particularly tricky section; after wall running you will jump over the net. Go ahead, you’ll have to jump diagonally to the left from the green markings on the ground, then immediately jump diagonally to the right. Mistakes will lead you into a net where Shelob will surely catch you.

At the end of the chase, a cutscene is triggered that ends the chapter.

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