How To Start Big Feet To Fill In The Witcher 3

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  • How to get started with big stuffing legs

No fantasy world is truly complete without giant statues of some deity or other significant figure. While most of the land comprises Wizard 3 too impoverished to afford such monuments, Toussaint is an exception. In the Big Shoes To Fill quest, you can help complete the monumental statue by collecting scattered and lost workers from across the province.

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This quest is made up of five smaller quests, each covering the lost group supposed to be working on the statue. Each group is plagued by a different problem, from damaged carts to monster attacks, making it a challenging task.


How to get started with big stuffing legs

A well-dressed man in blue talks to Geralt at a work site in Toussaint.

Big Feet To Fill isn’t the beginning of Geralt’s participation in building the statue. That honor belongs Contract: Bovine Blues, which Geralt hunted a monster that had let the cow down on the worker.

Frustrated by the many problems he can’t solve, the project supervisor will ask Geralt to find and help five teams which have yet to come. They are scattered around the north of Toussaint. From here on, you will help each group in the task.

You can help each group without accepting the taskwhich allows you to go through several steps before starting the search.

The first group

A screenshot of The Witcher 3 map with an orange circle above the quest objective.

Which it consists of master builders and their precious tools, the first group was obsessed with bandits and he needs Geralt’s help to save him. You will face for well equipped company which is equipped with all kinds of weapons, from shields to bows.

Group muscles and tools they are not only good for carving stone. They also break the bandits, allow them help Geralt in battle.

Defeat the attackers will allow the group to reach the goal, ending this level of the quest.

Another group

A screenshot of The Witcher 3 map with an orange circle above the quest objective.

These workers are not absent because of an accident. Instead, they decided fun instead of work, parked their trailer on the side of the road.

Correcting the situation is easy. Just communicate with each worker to wake them up. Once all five are awakened from their stupor, they will go to the workplace.

One of the workers is especially well hidden. He is lies on the coast in the north, under the bush.

The third group

A screenshot of The Witcher 3 map with an orange circle above the quest objective.

You will find their abandoned carriage is overrun by wolves. Use after killing the animal Geralt’s wizarding senses explore the tracks around the cart.

They will guide you across the river and on a spriggan. Chop it into firewood and interaction with a nearby animal den. The workers are hiding inside.

They are spriggan similar to leshens, which are much more common in northern areas. They are spriggan sensitive to fire and relic oil as good as Dimeriti Bombs prevent the use of their powers.

There will be workers set off towards the goal after he was rescued.

The fourth group

A screenshot of The Witcher 3 map with an orange circle above the quest objective.

This group abandoned carts they have signs of habitation attacked by kikimores, with tracks leading to the monster’s lair. the head across the river and face the monsters.

They were workers bound and killed kikimore. Interacting with their bodies will completes Geralt’s investigation.

Make sure you do burn kikimore’s eggs before the autopsy. A cutscene will bring you away from the nest it forces you to come back if you intend to exterminate the monsters properly.

The fifth group

A screenshot of The Witcher 3 map with an orange circle above the quest objective.

Unlike other groups, this team was workers on a stranded ship and they were captured pirates. You will have to kill all thugs free the crew.

This meeting is made difficult by the abundance of enemies. You should use it regardless of the skills that allow Geralt to deal with large groups of enemies, such as bombs or Whirl.

After the last bandit was slaughtered, untie the merchant by the tree to complete this part of the quest.

Completing the statue

A screenshot of Geralt walking to the site supervisor in the evening.

Like each group reaches the statue, the second phase will be completed. Once you complete all five groups, the monument will be complete and will tower over Toussaint.

The supervisor will grateful for Geralt’s help and is happy to provide his payment 800 crowns, end of search.

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