Insider Claims Several Unannounced PlayStation Games Are “Pretty Much Ready”

An insider claimed that many of the PlayStation games we’re waiting to reveal and show off are “almost ready,” despite not appearing at the PlayStation launch.

After nearly two years of waiting, PlayStation finally gave fans exactly what they wanted earlier this week – a new PlayStation Showcase. Despite the inclusion of some big games like Spider-Man 2, Metal Gear Solid Delta: Peace Walker and Alan Wake 2, the general consensus is that the launch was a huge disappointment, especially compared to how big the previous launches were.

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The main problem with the launch was that PlayStation just didn’t show enough of their exclusives. We’ve only seen Spider-Man 2, Marathon and two CG trailers for multiplayer projects, with many expected studios and games not showing up at all. While it’s unclear why PlayStation decided to focus on third-party games instead of exciting fans with its first-party offerings, it seems that development on those games is at least progressing well.


That’s according to Insider Gaming’s Tom Henderson, who shared a feature after the launch suggesting that PlayStation needs to have another launch at some point in the year to make up for this lackluster. In the feature, Henderson comments on the fact that several games that were expected to appear and be revealed simply weren’t, noting that it’s understood that many titles are nearing completion.

Henderson said: “Updates and reveals of new PlayStation hardware, in addition to focusing exclusively on our own titles, would be the showcase that PlayStation needs to establish the next stage. It is understood that many of the games we are waiting for are quite ready, so no I know why Sony decided to wait this time.”

Henderson’s report doesn’t make it clear which games are “almost ready,” but there are a few expected titles that come to mind. Untitled sequel to Factions The Last of Us, available since then at least The Last of Us Part 2 finished development, and probably even longer, considering it was cut from that game, and was incredibly conspicuous by its absence. Hopefully Henderson’s comments refer to that and we’ll see him soon.

Another game that Henderson’s comment may refer to is Ghost of Tsushima 2, which despite not being officially confirmed by Sucker Punch or PlayStation to be in development, was another notable absence from the launch as many expected it to finally published. It seems unlikely that a sequel is “pretty much ready” given that it hasn’t been revealed yet, but it’s possible that it’s even further away than we thought.

PlayStation not including these titles in the Showcase, even though they are said to be almost complete, suggests that there will be a shorter period between the games being revealed and their announcement.

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