Gamers Are Being Weirdos About Spider-Man’s Water, Again

I can’t believe we’re doing this again, but the players are freaks about water in Spider-Man 2, apparently not remembering how stupid they looked after the infamous “puddlegate incident” in the first game.

Spider-Man fans were treated to a lingering look at Spider-Man 2 a few days ago during the PlayStation Showcase, which finally confirmed that Peter will be getting a Symbiote suit and a whole bunch of new abilities to go along with it. The clip ended with a cinematic set piece showing Miles and Peter swinging over the waters of Queens and being chased by the Lizard, and while most fans were thrilled with the sequence, some seem to have decided to repeat history and focus on the smaller graphics. detail.


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Twitter user Dream_Walker shared a small clip from the gameplay reveal of Miles floating around in the water, with the inscription: “Look at the water! That splashy VFX, no physical interaction, Miles doesn’t look wet at all… I didn’t expect what I expected from a PS5-only Insomniac game. The game obviously needs a lot more time. Put it down”. This tweet has over 1,500 likes at the time of writing, suggesting it’s a sentiment shared by a worrying number of players.

Although Dream_Walker’s tweet is the most popular tweet sharing their dislike of water, they are not the only ones. Not only is the comments section full of other gamers who also think the water looks bad, some even claim that Insomniac has cut the PlayStationbut Twitter user NatalyaNatflix is ​​also pretty pissed, who tweeted “Spider-Man 2 saved the #PlaysationShowcase” – are you F. kidding me!? 🤡! PS3 water physics!”.

This oddly specific complaint ignores the fact that Spider-Man 2 is still in development and the gameplay demo shown is still a work in progress, but it’s also such a minor detail that nobody should care. If this was an Aquaman game, it would certainly make sense to focus on the water, but here it’s just poor behavior in a console war. Thankfully, the comments below both posts are also full of Spider-Man fans calling out the complaint and not taking it seriously.

Funnily enough, this isn’t the first time players have been weird about what water looks like in a Spider-Man game. In fact, Spider-Man fans probably feel like they’ve traveled back to the terrible days of “puddlegate.” For those of you lucky enough not to remember puddlegate, it was a hilarious controversy sparked by gamers trying to get mad at Spider-Man’s graphics by pointing out that the puddle shown in one gameplay reveal scene of the first game , was not as detailed in the last game. Yes, indeed, a puddle.

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