Tears Of The Kingdom Patch Removes Popular Duplication Trick

You’d think a game as perfect as Tears of the Kingdom wouldn’t need a post-launch patch, but Nintendo went ahead and released one this week anyway. The patch notes are pretty short and there is no mention of a fix for the various duplication bugs that some of you have been using. That said, all the ways players have found to multiply items in untidy ways seem to have been addressed.

Tears of the Kingdom players have of course been testing the sequel’s exploits since patch 1.1.2 went live, and from what I can tell from various Reddit posts about it, it seems like every duplicate bug discovered so far has been wiped from Hyrule. This includes what seemed to be the most popular, which worked exclusively with the most powerful weapons in your inventory. Pretty convenient.


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One player claims to have tried every known duplicating glitch and none of them worked, as other players echoed this sentiment. Proof that Nintendo is watching everything we do in Tears of the Kingdom, even if it refuses to admit it. Yes, that means Eiji Aonuma must have seen the giant robot you made that shoots fire out of his penis.

If you’ve been relying on the duplication bug to soften the blow of Tears of the Kingdom’s fragile weapon breaking all the time, you might need to panic for a little while. Yes, Nintendo seems to have ironed out all the bugs players found in the first two weeks, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways we don’t know about yet. I’m sure the same people who immediately realized that the previous bugs were fixed are already trying to find new ones.

While Nintendo didn’t mention duplication errors in its latest patch notes, it did detail some other changes. An issue that caused music to play louder for no reason has been fixed, as has an issue with the main search. Some players previously reached a point in the depths where they could not progress.

It’s hard to predict what player discoveries Nintendo will decide to leave in its latest Zelda games and what it will deem worthy of a fix. Many would argue that the whole point of Tears of the Kingdom is to find quests to solve puzzles and move around. While building a bridge to efficiently get anywhere you want seems fine, the ability to craft more of your most valuable items seems to have crossed the line in the eyes of the game’s creators.

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