Every Outfit In Ghostwire Tokyo, Ranked

Preparing for battle isn’t just putting on whatever gear is available and bringing along your best spells. She makes an impact wearing the most stylish clothes in the world or in Ghostwire Tokyo, the sleekest cut in Tokyo. Ghostwire protagonist Akito Izuki totally understands this, as he always takes the appropriate time to put on his best clothes.

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Akita’s closet offers plenty of things to roam around and the ability to mix and match the shoes, accessories and shirts you want to match. Although the game takes place in first-person, so you’ll only notice these changes during cutscenes, it’s still nice to know you’re looking bold.

Updated by Hilton Webster on May 26, 2023: A year after its release, Ghostwire Tokyo got a massive Spider’s Thread update that added a whole bunch of new content to the game. However, the game has also received many minor updates to coincide with the Japanese holidays, adding a number of related outfits to each of them. Many of the outfits in the base game were already great and varied, but if you’re looking for all the coolest outfits in Ghostwire Tokyo to roam the streets of that have been added over the last year, this is the place to be. Check out the best Ghostwire Tokyo costumes, clothes, and outfits.



15 Hanasaka Aniki

Akito from Ghostwire Tokyo in Hanasaka Aniki outfit with white beard

Hanasaka Jiisan is an old Japanese folktale about an elderly man who scattered ashes on old trees, causing them to bloom into Sakura in full bloom. This meant great luck and was also just a beautiful sight.

With the Hanasaka Aniki outfit, Akito can do just that. He comes with a nice white beard and some classic Japanese clothes, making it the perfect outfit to wear while cleaning the Sakura trees spread across Tokyo. It was added in a free update along with a new emote that really lets you embody the old folk tale.

14 The feudal lord and the princess

Akito from Ghostwire Tokyo in Feudal Lord and Princess outfits

When depicting Japanese history, the feudal period is one of the most popular to present. One such festival that dates back to this period is the Hinamatsuri festival, where dolls ranging from simple paper dolls to more elaborate ones are displayed in a manner depicting a wedding.

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These dolls were rather exaggerated figures, so it makes sense that they both look downright absurd on Akito. Both are added in the free update to celebrate Hinamatsuri and are extremely regal and sophisticated in their design, from the oversized clothes to the massive heads. Maybe it’s not very serious, but ghosts can scare you once.

13 Performer Daikagura

Akito from Ghostwire Tokyo in the black pants and blue shirt of the Daikagura Performer outfit

Daikagura is an old form of Japanese performance art that involves many complex actions. Chief among them is the act of balancing objects on top of an umbrella, an act that Akito can perform on his own with the newly added emote added alongside the outfit in the free update.

The dress itself is more formal in a traditional way, with long and flowing trousers to the waist and a low-cut blue tunic. It’s not as intense as many other dresses, although it may not stand out as much as others.

12 Chief Ouendan

Akito from Ghostwire Tokyo in a black and red Ouendan Leader Outfit

In many ways, Ouendan in Japan are similar to cheerleading squads in that they are used to rally and boost the morale of sports teams, although they are a bit more focused on getting your attention with bombastic noise rather than action.

Dressed in this costume, Akito is ready to happily accept an update related to sports day. His clothes are light and dark, which allows him to move freely around the city. The red tied over the dress only makes it stand out even more, which fits the purpose perfectly.

11 Artistic dress

Akito from Ghostwire Tokyo in an Artist's Suit with purple and red accents

With Ghsotwire Tokyo being truly Japanese, it’s easy to forget that Tango Gameworks previously created The Evil Within, another attempt at Resident Evil 4. The two Evil Within games are dramatically different, with some wonderfully iconic characters.

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One of these is the woven, bloody “artist” Stefano Valentino. If you’ve ever wanted to dress your Akita in a bold purple-and-red outfit that belongs to a killer, here you go. You will drink spirits in undeniable style. This was added in the free update and became a great fun for the updated photo mode.

10 Oxygen Festival

Akito from Ghostwire Tokyo in a blue and white patterned Festival Happi outfit

Dango and mochi are the most internationally known Japanese delicacies, although the process for their creation is far from simple. With the Festival Happi Dress, you can channel the energy of the Tsukimi Festival into pounding rice with joy. Emote included.

The Happi Festival is bright and colorful, with a patterned blue top decorated with various symbols and cute shorts that let Akito’s legs breathe from all that running around Tokyo. This outfit was added in a free update to celebrate the wonderful treats and the Tsukimi Festival itself.

9 Jinbei

Akito from Ghostwire Tokyo in an all gray Jinbei outfit

Obon is a Japanese festival dedicated to honoring the spirits of deceased family members, which is usually understood as an excuse to bring the whole family together. Celebrations vary by region and family, but usually lights are turned on. Ghostwire Tokyo is celebrating with a free update full of outfits.

The festival usually takes place during the summer months, which means that the country is quite warm. As such, Jinbei’s outfit is simple. Gray fabric lightly laid over the body and openings in the arm for a little more freedom. It’s the perfect outfit for hot summer nights and wittily suited to helping Tokyo’s rambunctious spirits carry on.

8 Tanuki

Akito from Ghostwire Tokyo in a large, brown Tanuki suit

Known in the West as the Japanese raccoon dog, the tanuki is an important animal in traditional Japanese culture. They are usually depicted as mischievous creatures that like to play around and even change shape completely, although they are usually a bit too simple to be truly malicious.

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Tanukis are pretty much a staple in Ghostwire, hidden around town in basically every form except as Tanukis. As a reward for finding and reuniting them, they include you among them. They give you a Tanuki outfit that is terrifying to look at. In a way, it fits with Akito turning into a Tanuki.

7 Biker

Ghostwire Tokyo Akito in biker outfit with helmet.  Black and gray.

The cycling outfit sounds better in theory than its visual execution, including a helmet that doesn’t look like it fits the rest of the gear. However, one of the best things about biker style is that you can change the color of the outfit to breathe life into a basic design. Blue, red, yellow, pink, or gold colors are among the options that allow for a few ways to change the Akita’s appearance.

However, it is still the weakest full gear in Ghostwire Tokyo. Unlike the other clothing options in the game, which feature unique ideas and flashy results, the Biker set doesn’t do much to set itself apart from the rest. Unlike the helmetless version, this one was only available as a pre-order bonus.

6 Cyclist, no helmet

Ghostwire Tokyo Akito wears a rider without a helmet.

Unlike the Biker kit, including the helmet, the one with Akito’s face exposed turns out to be better. Gone is the awkwardness of a helmet that looks like it belongs on a completely different outfit, making the outfit cohesive. It seems fitting that such a cool outfit is only available during the final mission.

Both Biker versions feature predominantly green fabric with black undertones. The gloves are a type of leather that blends with the jacket sleeves. And from certain angles it looks like a raincoat turned into a jumpsuit due to the fabric style and front design. It’s interesting how with a minor change, such as removing the helmet from the outfit, the overall look can become much better and how other elements of the outfit are also elevated.

5 official

Ghostwire Tokyo Officer Outfit.

The spirits walking the streets of Tokyo don’t care what you’re wearing, because the clothes don’t seem to hold that much weight over the veil. When you wear the officer’s outfit, it will feel quite different from the others available to you, as it was directly inspired by KK and not by Akito.

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During cutscenes, Akito will seem like a different person, as he is very different from the other outfits, which are instead focused on making the player look cool. The policeman’s outfit is heavily inspired by the uniforms worn by the Japanese police, with very little freedom to change the design. You get this after the ‘Little Girl Lost’ side mission after doing your civic duty of protecting the citizens.

4 Fallout 4 Vault Outfit

Ghostwire Tokyo's Fallout 4 Vault Suit.  The dress is blue with gold accents.

Games love to mention other games, especially if it’s another name under the developer’s belt. After completing the side quest called The Crimson Moon, you’ll receive a few rewards, including the Fallout 4 Vault outfit, so there’s a good chance you’ll unlock it as you play the game.

The Vault Suit is a perfect replica of the actual outfits from Fallout, making Akito look like he’s the only survivor in Tokyo as he walks the streets wearing the suit. The Vault Suit brings bits of science fiction to Ghostwire’s fantasy city of Tokyo.

3 Shinobi

Ghostwire Tokyo Shinobi Dress.  Orange accents throughout the body.

The Shinobi outfit is the most interesting of the bunch as it is best for a stealth player. Described as a modern day ninja, Shinobi is fantastic for hiding in the shadows and keeping your guard up. Wearing this outfit also changes your bow and arrow, which is perhaps the most interesting aspect.

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Shinobi is a more casual look with oversized loose clothing, orange accents on the chest and a mesh pattern on the mid-arms. Akito will also wear a black face mask while the suit is equipped. It was part of the deluxe edition of the game.

2 Taiko drummer

Ghostwire Tokyo Taiko Drummer Dress.  Akito wears black, gold and red colors.

With all the stress that Akito and KK have to go through as the story unfolds, it’s a relief to see them wearing something more casual. Taiko Drummer is a casual style outfit with long dark red baggy shorts and a gray and black sleeveless shirt on top.

Taiko Drummer also includes an accessory on top of Akito’s head, which is unusual for most other clothing sets in the game. The description alone makes the dress an instant stress reliever, stating that it’s perfect for “getting down on stage.”After solving a series of missions around KK and his gang in ‘After The End 3,’ you’re rewarded with an outfit that invites you to relax a bit.

1 Hannya

Ghostwire Tokyo Akito in Hannya outfit.  Long gray-blue dress.

Inspired by the character of the same name, the Hannya outfit lets you dress like your worst enemy and look terrifying at the same time. From the moment the first trailer for Ghostwire Tokyo was released, players knew that Hannya’s appearance would remain the most recognizable, so it only makes sense that Akito dons the suit later on.

Hannya consists of an oversized jacket with tight sleeves, long baggy cargo pants and a white mask with merciless eyes. On paper, it sounds like the perfect combination for someone who wants to bully others, and his performance lives up to that concept. This is another outfit that was only obtainable as part of the pre-order bonus.

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