‘Shocks the soul’: Mum’s horror act on baby

A teen mum charged after she allegedly put her baby inside a dumpster could face the death penalty if she is convicted, reports say.

Jakayla Williams’ son was found inside a compactor in Dothan, Alabama, last August.

She was charged with capital murder – an allegation that she pled not guilty to in court.

District attorney Russ Goodman is reportedly exploring the possibility of the death penalty if Williams is convicted, per the ABC affiliate WDHN.

Williams gave birth to her son on August 13 and reportedly told police that she took him to a local medical centre.

She initially told officers that she handed over the baby to a worker, according to WBMA.

However, it emerged Williams never went to the health centre.

Williams even told her family that she had taken her baby to the hospital.

Police looked at surveillance footage and didn’t see Williams step foot inside it.

She was probed and admitted she put the baby in a dumpster at an apartment complex after wrapping him in a blanket.

Williams reportedly told police that her child was alive at the time she put him inside the dumpster.

Police said the baby was put inside the dumpster around two hours after Williams had given birth.

She said that she didn’t want to be a mum, according to police.

She also claimed that having a baby was too expensive.

The baby’s remains were found inside a mattress protector.

Will Benny, the Dothan Chief of Police, was left horrified.

“It shocks the mind. It shocks the soul,” he told reporters.

“In 27 years in law enforcement, I never even heard of anything like this.

“I don’t really know what else to say.”

Williams’ team filed a motion that would have seen her tried as a youthful offender but this request was denied by Judge Butch Binford.

In November, Clay Wadsworth, a defence lawyer, claimed Williams was a child, as reported by Law and Crime.

Wadsworth said that Williams didn’t have any previous convictions and performed well at school.

But prosecutors labelled Williams as a danger to “every living-breathing child.”

Williams pled not guilty to the charge and told the court she has a mental disease or defect.

If convicted, she could either face the death penalty or spend the rest of her life in prison.

This article originally appeared on The US Sun and was reproduced with permission

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