Social media risk survey for parents

Aussie kids are facing a crisis like no other generation before because of toxic social media that is affecting their health and costing lives.

So today, along with parents from across Australia, we are calling on the federal government to raise the age limit at which children can access social media to 16 as part of a national campaign, Let Them Be Kids, to stop the scourge of social media.


But just how at risk is your child?

As part of Let Them Be Kids, News Corp Australia has worked with Professor Selena Bartlett to create an interactive quiz for parents to take so the risks can be highlighted, but also with actionable advice to protect your children online.

Prof Bartlett is the author of Being Seen: Master Parenting In The Digital Age, and the group leader of neuroscience at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane.

The survey will assess risks associated with children’s online activities and provide specific recommendations based on the scoring outcomes.

This approach helps educate and empower parents to take proactive steps to safeguard their children.

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