‘A crime to humanity’: Man’s insane transformation stuns millions

A man’s seemingly innocuous decision to shave his face “for the first time in years” has left thousands of people on social media stunned.

Sophie Clarke took to TikTok with a video of her formerly bearded husband, captioned: “POV: you begged your heavily bearded, long-haired husband to clean shave for the first time in years and it was the worst idea known to man (I cried). How did his barber allow this?”

The clip shows him working at before the shave, followed by footage of his beard-free face.

Man's insane transformation stuns millions

Ms Clarke’s video, captioned “a crime to humanity”, has been viewed upward of 38.3 million times, and attracted more than 51,000 comments – many of which shared in her despair.

“Glue it back on omg,” one person wrote.

“So sorry for your loss,” a second person said.

“PUT IT BACK,” a third said.

“He went from Viking to Kate Moss,” another joked.

“Girl … he went from I’ll chop the firewood to can you open this pickle jar for me?” someone else commented.

Others wrote they couldn’t believe it was the same person.

“No way that’s the same dude. Look at the shoulder difference! You can’t convince me otherwise,” one person said.

“That … can’t … is not the same person. I refuse to believe it,” another commented.

“I watched so many times cause ain’t no way this is the same person,” a third agreed.

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