Remote worker reveals cheeky reason she ducks off to the pub during the work day

Maintaining a social life isn’t easy when you work full-time, as one millennial takes multitasking to a whole new level.

Sophia, 32, recently shared on TikTok that she was looking for places to work with free internet, and that she would get extra points if there were attractive men hanging out there too.

The California native has lived in Sydney for several years and has noticed that when it comes to friendships and relationships in Australia, you have to be proactive.

She runs two companies: swimwear brand Siempre Golden and event management company Butterfly Chapter.

She works alone, so there are no after-work drinks or single finance men hanging around. Not wanting to finish work and then spend time browsing dating apps, she tries to combine work and meeting people.

“I work alone and there’s no real way to meet new people. It’s not like I work in an office with other people around me,” she told

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Sophia, who runs her own events company, knows all too well how difficult it is to find a “deeper” connection in Sydney.

He thinks that people are nice, but the transition from acquaintance to partner can be difficult. She organizes social mixers for her events so people can make new friends.

When she organizes these social events, she is always struck by the fact that 90 per cent of the women who turn up are born and raised in Sydney.

“It just shows the culture here. Even if you were born and raised here, it’s hard to meet new people and connect authentically,” she emphasized.

No stranger to innovation, Sophia tries to work in spaces that allow for human interaction and even a potential heart-to-heart meeting.

There were some falls.

“Cafés are a very different culture in Australia. You can stay in America for several hours. In Australia, it’s normal to have a coffee and meet a friend, but you’re gone within two hours,” she said.

Because of this, she had to become creative in combining work and socializing.

Now the young worker turned his attention to taverns.

She pointed out that pubs often have verandas, which is a “cool” and relaxed environment to work in.

“Pubs have free Wi-Fi and are a great way to meet people,” she said.

It’s also a place where people feel good when they approach you.”

She shared on social media that she was approached by a random man while eating and working at a pub, and while the conversation was more awkward than anything else, she was still happy for the social fix.

“I live for the random social interactions that make life interesting,” she said.

She concluded by saying that pubs are a great way to “interact with people” while working and that there are “cute guys”.

Sophia also discovered that hotel cafes are good for socializing. People don’t mind if you “lay” longer, but those who are on vacation or for work are a bit more interested in chatting.

So, has she had any luck so far? No.

“No, definitely not! But there were interactions,” she said.

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