Shock allegations surround Paris Hilton and ex Nick Carter

Former Backstreet Boy Nick Carter, 44, and his pop star brother Aaron Carter – who died of accidental drug-related causes in 2022 aged 34 – are the subjects of a new documentary series, reports New York Post.

Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter It aired in the US this week in a four-part series that explores the brothers’ rise to fame, their relationship, Aaron’s struggles with substance abuse and mental health and sexual assault allegations against Nick from Melissa Schuman, Ashley Repp and Shannon “Shay”. Ruth.

In the documentary, journalist Scaachi Koul also revisits the shocking claims that circulated in 2004 about Paris Hilton, who allegedly told her friends that her ex-boyfriend Nick had hit her.

A note on the screen states that Nick refused to participate in the documentary and that he “denied the allegations and questioned the credibility of his accusers”.

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“These are the exact same outrageous claims that we sued this group of conspirators for,” Nick’s attorney, Dale Hayes Jr., said in a separate statement.

“These cases are now working their way through the legal system, and based on the original court rulings and overwhelming evidence, we believe we will prevail and hold them accountable for spreading these lies.”

Here are the biggest revelations from the docu-series presented by Investigation Discovery, which airs locally on Foxtel, BINGE and Fetch from June 7.

Nick allegedly hit Paris Hilton

Nick and Paris Hilton, 43, were romantically linked in 2004.

In the documentary series, journalist Scaachi Koul said: “This is a story from 2004 about Paris Hilton allegedly telling her friends that her ex-boyfriend Nick hit her. There are photos of her with a swollen lip and bruises on her hands.’

She added: “Nick Carter says he didn’t do it. There’s no real follow-up, and generally the stories end with Nick’s take on it.”

Hilton has never publicly accused Nick, but has denied the allegations, telling MTV News in 2004, “If they need media attention, let them do their thing. My family, friends and fans know that this is not my character and I would never hurt someone I cared about or do anything like the malicious things they claim.”

The Post has reached out to Hilton for comment.

Nick’s text message

39-year-old Melissa Schuman tearfully recalls how Nick allegedly raped her in 2003. She says that after these harrowing events, she received a text message from Nick that allegedly read: “Why did you make me do this?”

“That text message scared me,” he says in the documentary.

“I trusted my manager to go to the police and report the (alleged) crime. He told me, ‘[Nick] has the most powerful suitor in the country,” and warned her that the performance would ruin her career.

In an on-screen statement, Schuman’s former manager denied she told him about the alleged rape.

Schuman also said she was so doxxed and harassed online by Nick’s fans that she called a suicide hotline.

In a statement to Page Six in 2017, Nick said: “I am shocked and saddened by Ms Schuman’s allegations. Melissa never told me when we were together or at any time since that anything we did was not consensual. We then recorded a song and performed together, and I always respected and supported Melissa both personally and professionally.

“This is the first time I have heard of these allegations, almost two decades later. It is against my nature and against everything I hold dear to deliberately cause discomfort or harm to someone.”

Nick’s ex-girlfriend supports his accusers

Kaya Jones, 39, a former member of the Pussycat Dolls who was romantically linked to Nick, appeared in the documentary and said she saw the situation with Schuman as: “A young woman trying to speak up and someone who thought she had more powers. and the authorities are trying to silence her.”

She remembered the meeting with Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) singer in 2004 and moved in with him after just four days of living together.

“It was a very quick relationship,” she said. “I thought I was going to marry him.”

She said Nick was “never physically violent” with her but “punched the walls”. He can get very angry. Nick was very good at messing with his head. He liked to control everything. So if someone called my phone, they were really jealous. He once smashed my phone as if he were angry like a child.’

Ashley Repp was friends with Nick’s sister Angel Carter, 36.

She said she was 15 and Nick was 23 when he allegedly assaulted her at the Carter family home in Florida.

“Aaron and I were the same age. He knew about the incidents with Nick and he was always very sweet,” Repp said.

“We ended up having a romantic relationship, but in the end we decided it was better to just be good friends.”

After another incident in which Nick allegedly raped her in front of his friends, “Aaron knew there was something wrong with me,” she told the cameras. “Aaron was very nice to me. He didn’t have a great relationship with his brother at the time because he said there were other similar incidents with his brother and younger girls.”

Nick’s attorney denied Repp’s allegations.

Their mother pitted the brothers against each other

Jen, a Carter family friend, claimed in the document that Nick and Aaron’s mother Jane would compare their success and turn Aaron against Nick.

This led to Aaron getting a “huge chip” on his shoulder while Nick “didn’t know” what was going on behind the scenes.

The documentary series notes that Jane declined to comment when approached.

Aaron’s parents reportedly dismissed his problems

In the documentary series, Aaron’s tour manager talked about an incident in 2001 when the pop star learned his family had gone on vacation without him.

In response, Aaron took a knife and held it to his neck.

“Aaron told me he was going to break into Bob’s safe to get Xanax,” family friend Jen said, referring to Aaron and Nick’s late father, Robert Carter, who died in 2017.

“I wasn’t surprised. I found these aerosol cans around the compound and realized that Aaron was using them to get high,” she said, adding that she was concerned enough to alert Aaron’s mother, but “nothing changed.”

Aaron’s cousin, John Spaulding, also claimed to have seen Aaron “coloring” with his father, adding, “I don’t know how Bob ever did that with his son.”

Aaron thought Nick was cyberattacking him and hired a bodyguard

Aaron, who struggled with sobriety, bought “like five guns,” according to his ex Lina Valentine.

He should do better in 2021. He welcomed his son Prince with Melanie Martin that year.

But he was subjected to “horrendous bullying” and cyber attacks, which he believed involved Nick.

“Aaron hired me. He told me he was a victim of harassment. He wanted help to stop it. A lot was from [a social media user named] Ganvel, who calls himself Aaron’s archenemy,” Jennifer Huffman, a private investigator, says onscreen.

“Aaron believed his family was behind it.”

Fallen Idols: Nick and Aaron Carter premieres Friday 7 June at 9.30pm (double episodes, over two weeks) on Investigation Discovery, available only on Foxtel, Fetch and Binge via Hubble.

This article was originally published in the New York Post and has been reproduced with permission

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