Woman denied entry to Melbourne venue thanks to baby

A mum has expressed her disappointment after she was refused entry to a concert because she had a child with her.

Jasmine had bought tickets and was heading to The Forum venue in Melbourne’s CBD this week with her partner and five-month-old baby to see singer Angie McMahon when she was told she was not allowed to enter.

She said 3AW her baby was on her chest with headphones on when staff told her she couldn’t attend and instead offered to come back another night without the baby.

The singer herself later appeared on the show and said that she would have nothing against a child in the audience.

“I’m so sad. I’m sorry it happened. We had newborns at some of the other shows on the tour and it was so special,” McMahon said.

“It’s a really beautiful moment when you know their parents brought them to us and it’s one of their first performances. It’s so special for us to know it’s happening, so I wouldn’t mind at all.”

McMahon said she thinks it’s usually hard for moms, especially new moms, and that they should be able to spend the night enjoying themselves with their baby.

Jasmine said she contacted the Human Rights and Equal Opportunities Commissioner and the Minister for Women and Creative Industries about what happened.

The Forum’s parent company, The Marriner Group, said the event was “licensed general admission” and that they respected the situation.

“The promoter has offered the client to return to the show on Friday instead, but without the child, and I hope this is an acceptable solution for everyone,” the statement said.

It follows a similar incident earlier this year when comedian Ar Barker was interrupted by a mother with a baby sitting in the first few rows of his show at Melbourne’s Athanaeum Theater and asked to leave the premises.

Things turned ugly when other audience members taunted the new mum at the Melbourne Comedy Festival gig, who later said she felt “humiliated” by the premature end to her night.

What happened next also prompted mixed reviews, with Melbourne resident Carole Marshall writing a letter to the editor for Old age that Barker “politely” asked the mother to leave: “The mother said she found Barker intimidating, but he did not tower over her, criticize breastfeeding, or be belligerent in any way.

“He was clearly embarrassed and uncomfortable because he was forced to say something to save his concentration and his performance.”

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