Tradie’s chilling act after killing pregnant wife Arnima Hayat

Tradie, who murdered his pregnant wife by dousing her body with acid four months into their marriage, later had a chilling conversation with a friend in which he laughed about the young woman’s murder.

Meraj Zafar, an apprentice construction worker, pleaded guilty to murdering 19-year-old Arnima Hayat at their North Parramatta flat in Sydney’s west on January 29, 2022.

Ms Hayat, an aspiring doctor and medical student at the University of Western Sydney, expressed her regret before her death for marrying Mr Zafar, then 20, to a friend.

The couple married in a secret Islamic ceremony in October 2021.

On the night of January 29, Mrs. Hayat sent a despondent text message to a university friend.

“I have no one but you,” Ms. Hayat wrote.

“You have no choice. You have to stay with him,” replied the friend.

In her last message at 9:10 p.m., she wrote: “No, I hate him.”

45 minutes later she was dead.

The facts of the case, which came before the NSW Supreme Court this week, revealed that Mr. Zafar killed Ms Hayat “by strangling her neck and/or suffocating her”, it says. The Daily Telegraph.

The day after the murder, Mr Zafar made two trips to Bunnings in Northmead and bought a total of 100L of hydrochloric acid.

When he returned home, he poured hydrochloric acid into a bathtub and moved Ms Hayat’s body into it, “in an attempt to get rid of Ms Hayat’s remains”, the facts revealed.

On January 30, tradi performed five online searches, including: “Can hydrochloric acid burn the skin?” and “how many years do you get in Sydney for murder”.

That day, he called his mother and told her that Mrs. Hayat was not breathing.

She advised him to call an ambulance, but he told her: “The police will arrest me and put me in jail”.

During the conversation, Mr. Zafar asked her how much a transoceanic ticket would cost.

His mother called 911, prompting police to force their way into the apartment.

Ms Hayat’s naked body was discovered in the bathtub, where the acid had decomposed her body so badly that her immediate family could not recognize her.

“Mrs Hayat was lying face down with her face hidden and cut in half,” the facts said.

“There was a strong chemical smell in the air that was overwhelming and the police evacuated the apartment because of the dangerous air quality coming from the sealed off bathroom.”

The day before his arrest, Mr Zafar told a friend while driving: “I just killed someone, I swear to God I killed someone”, and laughed at the facts.

He later surrendered to the police on January 31.

It was not the first time that Mr. Zafar had been violent towards his wife.

Ms Hayat had previously complained to friends about her husband’s violence but had not reported it to the police. Old age reports.

In May 2021, Ms. Hayat became unconscious when Mr. Zafar put his arms around her neck.

Ms Hayat suffered bruises around her throat, chest, left wrist, left arm and thigh.

Mr Zafar will return to court on August 5 for sentencing.

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