Blue Archive introduces new students in continuation of the Hyakkaryouran Episode

Popular anime style RPG Blue archive welcomes two extraordinary new students, Kikyou and Renge, as it reveals the exciting second half of Hyakkaryouran’s main story episode chapter 1 “Like a Flower That Wants to Bloom”. This latest installment not only brings fresh characters, but also introduces a new guide quest, “Hyakkiyako Lantern Festival Tour,” which offers players a host of attractive rewards.

Meet the new students Blue Archive Hyakkaryouran Episode

Acting as the operations officer of the Hyakkaryouran Rescue Council, Kikyou is a sonic percussionist known for her logical approach and strong fighting skills. Her EX Skill uniquely lowers the defense of enemies in a cross-shaped area for 30 seconds, followed by a devastating attack based on her attack power.

She is joined by Renge as the captain of an assault unit who is also part of the Hyakkaryouran Rescue Council. Devoted to justice and strict training, Renge deals continuous burn damage to enemies within a fanned area and strikes with force proportional to her attack power.

Get involved in new stories and quests in the Blue Archive

As players delve into the 13 new episodes of Main Story Vol. 5 Hyakkaryouran Episode, they will encounter interesting developments and challenges. The narrative continues as Sensei searches for Yukari, who mysteriously disappeared in the previous chapters. This quest leads to exciting encounters and the introduction of new characters that further enrich the story.

The “Hyakkiyako Lantern Festival Tour” tour guide also adds to the excitement, running until June 25. By completing daily tasks, players can earn various growth items and special rewards, including unique interactive furniture for Kikyou and Renge, and charcoal chicken skewers. Collecting 100 of these skewers allows players to exchange them for a valuable ticket for 10 jobs.

With strategic gameplay and an ever-growing roster of trained students, Blue Archive offers players engaging combat experiences and heartfelt stories set in the academic city of Kivotos. Read more articles about the Blue Archive:

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