ByteDance’s gaming division enters phase two as MOONTON’s new CEO takes over

ByteDancethe company behind the popular video sharing app Tik Tokhe officially greeted Zhang Yunfan as the new general manager MOONTON Gameswhich puts ByteDance’s gaming division into its second phase.

The new chairman of the board emphasizes long-term operation and patience in development

This was known a a few weeks ago when the appointment was made, this new management was expected to lead ByteDance’s strategic shift to strengthen its video game business. The Mobile Legends: Bang Bang he was the creator to acquire by ByteDance in 2021.

ByteDance Moonton Mobile LegendsByteDance Moonton Mobile Legends
Image via Moonton

In terms of official updates, on May 31, ByteDance’s gaming division announced new personnel changes, including Zhang Yunfan, who is in charge of MOONTON operations. Speaking of his resume, he was a former president Animal Rumble the creator A perfect world casino business. Various business areas, including Oasis Studio and Jiangnan Studio, will now report to Zhang Yunfan.

In the letter, Zhang Yunfan recalled the past five years of ByteDance’s gaming business with all the ups and downs. Zhang mentioned the start of the second phase for ByteDance’s gaming division, emphasizing the criteria of long-term efforts and patience in development, and emphasizing the creation “fun games for users” but he cautioned against concerns about metrics overshadowing their work.

Nuverse could see a merger with MOONTON as part of its restructuring

With this appointment, Yuan Jing has officially stepped down as CEO of MOONTON Technology, but will continue to oversee operations as a consultant for at least half a year.

ByteDance NuverseByteDance Nuverse
Image via ByteDance

Future developments are something to look forward to, as there may even be possibilities that ByteDance Gaming brand Nuverse maybe merged with MOONTON, which was the plan restructured during the former’s announcement to leave the gaming industry.

From rumors about it actively looking for buyers for MOONTON, which was later denied by the company to make a strong presence in the gaming scene, the Chinese gaming giant could be aiming to change the image of the gaming industry in the long term.

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