Clash of Clans shares Haaland Season Stats following a successful May 2024 Football-themed month

Clash of Clans moves towards a brand new season every month with different themes that appeal to players. One of the biggest hits for sure May 2024 of the season, which was on the theme of football, with Clash of Clans x Erling Haaland participation even increases interest. Well, at the conclusion of the season, Clash of Clans shared Haaland’s season stats, which are some interesting numbers.

Clash of Clans had a great deal with temporary units and spells

Now let’s talk about the statistics of the May season. In this Haaland-themed Clash of Clans season, players have used a ton of it 1.5 billion Barbarian Kickers and 507 million giant throwerswhere both have been excellent temporary troops in the game this season, it has combined with the fun soccer action of kicking the ball and throwing the ball respectively.

Coming to the temporary spell the players used 106 million yellow card spells. In addition, Clash of Clans also shared that they exist 38 million football hurdles throughout the season cleaned with 5.4 billion in total wall upgradesand put away amazing 73.5 billion gold medals.

Well, I believe these stats also included challenges where we players had to solve them with the soldiers offered. Either way, these are very impressive numbers and it certainly looks like one of the best monthly seasons Clash of Clans has ever had.

If you ask me, soccer is a game that is watched and played by billions around the world and its extreme popularity is very popular. I believe this is one of the reasons that the Clash of Clans season was such a huge success.

Another factor is undoubtedly Erling Haaland, as he is a big star in the Premier League, the biggest league in the world. Having it in a very popular game like Clash of Clans is always something special and serves as a great marketing technique for both the player and the game.

Z possible cooperation of the teasers with soccer legends Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, and Agueroi can see them reviving more seasons like this and given the success of this football season, the idea might be the same for the Clash of Clans team, looking at Haaland’s season stats.

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