Naomi Watts reveals ‘mortifying’ encounter with fellow A-list actor

Naomi Watts has opened up about a “humiliating” encounter with her A-list co-star.

During a panel discussion with The Hollywood Reporter alongside Jodie Foster, Brie Larson, Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, Ana Sawai and Sofia Vergara, the actress said she was once asked to kiss “a very famous actor” for a chemistry test. , but things quickly got complicated.

“It was humiliating because we didn’t hear the ‘cut’ and it just kept going,” Watts, 55, explained. “Then they were like, ‘OK, OK.’ And we were both like, ‘Oh, sorry, we didn’t hear…’ I felt a bit upset.”

“I auditioned and didn’t get the job, so obviously I didn’t do a good make-up,” she joked.

She described the so-called chemistry tests as “impossible” and said she was “shockingly bad” at auditions early in her career.

“I could feel the energy in the room where people were saying, ‘Hurry it up.’ I’d even say, ‘Yeah, don’t worry, I’ll be out of your way in a second. You don’t even have to look me in the eye and shake my hand.’”

Aniston then shared her own experience, saying that she had “always” been a “terrible auditor” and that the stress of chemistry tests didn’t help.

“If you’re a nervous auditioner to begin with, then saying, ‘Now let’s make love to a complete stranger’ is very uncomfortable,” the former sitcom star said.

“When you’re in the audition room, you’re already at a disadvantage,” she continued. “Maybe we would have chemistry with this person if we were in a different environment and not, like, ‘Create chemistry.’ ready Go!’”

Their comments came in response to Anne Hathaway recently telling V magazine that she has drastically changed the audition process for her film. The idea of ​​you after some unpleasant experiences as a young actress..

“In the 2000s – and this really happened to me – it was considered normal to ask an actor to play with other actors to test chemistry, which is actually the worst way to do it,” the 41-year-old said Oscar winner. .

“They told me, ‘There are 10 guys coming in today and you’re picked. Aren’t you excited to make love to all of them?'” she recalled. “And I thought, ‘Is there something wrong with me?’ because I wasn’t impressed. I thought it was ugly.”

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