Two bikers killed on way to Vivid Sydney

Tributes have been paid to two friends who were killed as part of a motorcycle convoy en route to Sydney for the famous Vivid light festival.

Doey Choi, 24, was riding on the back of the motorcycle with William Brown, 26, when their bike and car collided.

The two friends were members of the Sydney Motorcycle Community Group and had gone to the light show with about 40 other riders when the fatal crash happened.

Sydney Motorcycle Community Group member Julie Kaluzny said Ms Choi and Mr William were such warm and cheerful people who would be missed by all who knew them.

“They were our friends, we saw them every week,” she said.

“When they weren’t driving, they came out with us in their car.

“They were very close friends.”

Ms Kaluzny said many other cyclists heading to Ms Macquarie’s chair for Vivid witnessed the crash and stopped to help their friends.

“There were so many bikes in the way of the emergency services that we had to move because it was difficult for them to get to the scene of the accident,” she said.

“It’s something we all feel a lot of pain about.”

Ms Kalunzy set up a Go Fund Me tribute page for the couple to help the grieving families of Ms Choi and Mr Brown pay for funeral expenses and give their friends “the companionship they deserved”.

“Doey was very outgoing, so full of life and independent,” she said.

“Wil was more quiet and reserved, but they were both so warm and compassionate in very different ways.

“They were both very warm people who will be truly missed by family and friends.”

The page has already raised more than $14,000, which will be split between the two families.

“It was so heartwarming to see the support we received for the families,” she said.

“The families are torn apart, they are both hurt and they didn’t expect to be in this situation.

“It was not just the support of our group, but the support of the riding community in general.”

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