If Ben and Jen can’t make it work with 17 bathrooms all hope is lost

If Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez can’t make it in a house with 17 bathrooms, none of us can.

Ben and Jennifer are struggling with break-up rumors and Ben, who has a calm, chiseled man’s face, is reported to be living separately.

Things may not be going well, but the couple owns an $86 million Hollywood mansion. It has four kitchens, 17 bathrooms and 10 bedrooms.

You can’t say the couple didn’t have room.

We’ve all heard the theory that separate bathrooms can make or break a marriage. Sometimes the secret to romance can be the smallest privacy.

Psychologist Carly Dober said the theory is accurate and not just one of those things someone preaches after three glasses of wine on a girls’ night out.

She emphasized that everyone is “different,” but said some couples may benefit from separate bathrooms.

“I think if small moves like a separate bathroom add to the quality of their relationship, then go for it,” she advised.

Well, Jennifer and Ben had 17 toilets and enough space to accommodate multiple families, which they kind of need.

Ben has three children with ex Jennifer Garner, while Jennifer has teenage twins with ex Marc Anthony.

All that shared space aside – I mean, they don’t even have to share a fridge and deal with how your partner sees fit to wrap something.

Things still don’t look good.

At this point, it’s hard to know what’s true.

Of course, Jennifer attended the Met Gala alone, but this week she was seen at Ben’s oldest daughter Violet’s graduation party, so who knows?

The two have not commented on the breakup rumors, which is kind of typical. They’re A-listers, not people on TikTok who insist on making videos about their boring days. However, they also did not deny reports that Ben flew over the hen house.

So what’s going on? Somebody call Tracy Grimshaw; I would get to the bottom of this with a high-speed video recorder on the side.

If you break up, it will be depressing.

Ben and Jennifer’s epic love story is one for the history books — or, if you’re Jennifer Lopez, one for your documentary The Greatest Love Story Never Told.

This is a must watch; Jennifer is working on her new album while belting out songs about Ben, and Ben is wandering around looking uncomfortable and confused.

At one point, Jennifer shows random musicians private love letters that Ben sent her to inspire them. Ben looks confused.

He must have made the mistake of thinking they were private just because he addressed them to Jennifer.

He has to grow up and face the fact that he married a diva who will milk his personal life for a sick dance track that people can dance to.

Anyway, we all know the story: They got together in 2002, got engaged, called it off in 2004 and rekindled their romance in 2021, right after Ben made some very flattering quotes about Jennifer to In style profile.

“To this day, she is the hardest working person I have ever met in this business. She’s got great talent, but she’s also worked really hard for her success and I’m so happy for her that she finally seems to be getting the credit she deserves,” he said.

Of course, they were back together by the end of the year and married in 2022. I mean, how could she refuse? He called her a great talent.

All of which is to say that if Ben and Jennifer do end up announcing that they’ve split, well, the greatest love story never told that’s never been told might not be that big of a romance after all!

If you can’t stay together even when you don’t share a bathroom. Well, how in love were you really?

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