Prince Harry and Meghan involved in stealthy palace take down

The royal family removed an important document about the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and it is part of a much bigger puzzle.

Something strange is happening at Buckingham Palace; and it appears that someone relied on the key to delete the official royal website.

In the immortally ignorant words of Australia’s most famous fish and chip merchant: Please explain?

Why was an important part of the long and often harrowing story of Prince Harry and Meghan, Duke and Duchess of Sussex mysteriously removed from

The item in question is an almost eight-year-old statement, the most important piece of paper Harry has probably held in his hands since filling out the application for membership in the Boujis.

Year: 2016.

Pants: low.

Prince Harry: He had a new girlfriend.

October 31, to be exact Daily Express revealed the exclusive story that the former army captain was dating Clothes star Meghan Markle.

At that the whole of the United Kingdom went ‘ha!’, very pleasantly surprised to discover that Harry had the guts and taste to look beyond the predictable list of high quality blondes to find his new lover.

Here was a woman with a good degree, a successful career and a world view that extended beyond Battersea Bridge. Huzzah!

Then, barely a week later, the excitement and excitement that the prince had found a girlfriend died down, with Harry issuing a remarkable and unprecedented statement in which he highlighted the “wave of abuse and harassment” Meghan had faced, along with ” sexism and racism”. ” reactions to the news of their relationship.

On the day it was released – November 8 – it was published online in the ‘Press Release’ section of the official royal website

Now she is gone.

Not only that, but a number of other press releases from the time concerning the Duke appear to have been deleted.

While searching the section still throws up a long list of entries, clicking on the title only takes users to a generic page with items labeled generically “Sussex”, including, say,

Queen Camilla recently visited a literary festival in East Sussex.

Where did Harry’s statements go? And why did the palace remove, among other items, his famous statement about Meghan lining up in the sand, standing in a storm in a barn, and laying on gloves?

This doesn’t appear to be some recent tweak to, say, that 2016 statement

probably withdrawn last December, according to sleuthing done Newsweekis Jack Royston.

And this deletion of the November 2016 statement comes after the royal family has repeatedly reduced, if not completely eliminated, the Sussexes’ presence on the royal website.

In August last year, Harry and Meghan’s HRHs were removed from the official listings, and in March this year, the Duke and Duchess’s individual and detailed biographies, which totaled more than 4,000 words, were combined and dramatically reduced to a scant 577 words.

The Palace has yet to comment on this latest strange website change, but I really, really ask you: could their treatment of the Sussexes, who have long been heading to California to escape the clutches of Crown Inc, be any more icier?

There may not be a Gorbachev-like figure lurking or the threat of a nuclear winter, but are we facing a new Cold War here?

When Harry arrived on the doorstep of his father, King Charles, allegedly uninvited, in February following His Majesty’s cancer diagnosis, he had to spend a scant 30 minutes with him and offered, uninvited, to head north to Sandringham for some alone time -a-mano. .

In early May, Harry returned to the UK for a service at St. Paul to mark 10 years of his hugely successful Invictus Games, and the king offered him the use of the royal residence.

While we don’t know which property was made available to the prince turned television producer, it was one that was said to be Telegraphit has “public entry and exit points and no police protection”, which sounds more like some kind of small community rather than Kensington Palace, Clarence House or St James’s Palace.

It’s also unlikely that he and Meghan will be bringing their young children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, together anytime soon to teach them about the, err, “delights” of a highland summer, as a friend of the king and queen told The Daily Beast. , “The idea of ​​Harry and the children descending on Balmoral this summer is wishful thinking. All this is very sad.”

That exact word keeps running through my head. This is all so damn sad.

In January last year, when Harry embarked on his whirlwind of television interviews in stone blue jumpers and sits to promote Spare, he made it clear what he wanted to achieve.

“I’d like to get my dad back, I’d like to get my brother back,” he told ITV’s Tom Bradby.

Disappointment, your name is Sussex, at least on the family front.

Not only has the Duke of Sussex resolutely failed to get his family back, but it seems they continue to find ways to push him even further to the furthest edges of the royal universe.

Almost 18 months after that “last” comment, the King’s response to his son’s truth-loving attacks was extremely harsh.

The keys to Frogmore Cottage were almost ripped from his hands.

Third row seat at his coronation.

His offer in February to return to the UK and help out while the King and Kate, Princess of Wales battle cancer, was flatly and promptly rejected.

(Was there some gleeful laughter down the phone line when the offer was made? I’ll leave that up to you to decide.)

Now we have this situation with Sussex and the royal website. As Sherlock Holmes might have said, the game is afoot – can someone please figure out exactly what the game might be?

Daniela Elser is a writer, editor and royal commentator for over 15 years experience working with many of Australia’s leading media outlets.

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