Marvel star Chris Evans breaks silence about infamous viral photo

Marvel actor Chris Evans has broken his silence on the infamous photo taken in 2016, which has since gone viral several times.

The photo shows Captain America star Evans appearing to sign a bomb or missile during a visit to the US Armed Forces.

Since it was taken eight years ago, the photo has surfaced multiple times on social media, often drawing backlash from Evans’ fans.

Today, he posted an explanation of his Instagram stories.

“This picture was taken during the 2016 USO tour… I went with a group of actors, athletes and musicians to show respect for our service members,” he wrote.

The item I have been asked to sign is not a bomb, missile or any weapon,” he added. “It is an inert object used for training or demonstration purposes only.”

Evans also posted a screenshot of an AFP fact-check story from February this year, “debunking” an image that some on social media recently falsely claimed showed Evans signing a rocket aimed at the Gaza Strip during Israeli airstrikes to the Palestinian territory.

AFP writes that the photo was taken “as [Evans] and other celebrities visited troops in Turkey in 2016, years before the militant group’s deadly attack on Israel plunged the region into conflict.”

But not everyone is happy with Evans’ explanation.

“Chris Evans clarifies he didn’t sign a real bomb but instead a practice bomb decoy isn’t the service he thought it was,” one person tweeted.

“Chris Evans has addressed a 2016 photo showing him signing a bomb on a USO tour. The actor explained that it was actually a fake bomb used to train people to use real bombs. I’m glad he cleared that up,” New York magazine sarcastically posted on X.

“I didn’t sign the bomb, I signed the model bomb,” another person said, summarizing Evans’ statement.

“Waking up to see Chris Evans trying to defend himself about signing a bomb in a war zone is hilarious. His argument is that it was not a real bomb. Dude, if you sign a toy gun outside of school is it still ok because it’s fake?” asked another person on social media.

Evans was among a group of celebrities, including actress Scarlett Johansson, basketball champion Ray Allen, former Olympic swimmer Maya DiRado and musician Craig Campbell, who visited US forces stationed in Turkey in December 2016.

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