Fitness influencer’s son’s ‘minimal’ lunch box divides internet

The controversial fitness influencer has sparked debate over the contents of her five-year-old son’s “healthy” lunchbox.

Sarah Stevenson – known to millions on social media as Sarah’s Day – took to TikTok to share what her son Fox Ocean takes with him for kindergarten.

“Let’s make (sic) my 5 year olds healthy lunch box for preschoolers!” the 31-year-old captioned the clip.

Influencer shares son's 'healthy' lunchbox

The lunch box included curried eggs, cucumber and carrot sticks, a serving of low-sugar, high-protein blueberry yogurt, pumpkin seeds, Babybel cheese, avocado, fresh fruit and a single five-seed cracker.

“That’s all he eats a day in Kindergarten, the only change next week is that there won’t be Babybel cheese,” she said in her voice, explaining that her son no longer liked it.

But the lunch left her followers divided, with the comments section pointing out the “minimal” amount of carbs Stevenson included.

“Why not egg salad in a sandwich that has like no carbs lol,” wrote one.

“Excellent. Just ask yourself why is there minimal carbs for a growing boy?” asked another.

“I’m not trying to judge you, I’m just curious. Do you really give your 5-year-old 4 eggs for lunch?” said a third.

Others questioned how Stevenson was able to send eggs to school with Fox, given that they could not pack them in their children’s lunch boxes “due to allergies” among other students.

Some praised Stevenson for teaching her son to eat such a variety of healthy foods.

“What a great lunch box. How to get your toddler to eat vegetables, my 4 year old (sic) has completely given up all vegetables (he only likes squash)! Any advice would be very helpful,” commented one mother.

In the accompanying caption, Stevenson wrote that she “acknowledges and respects” her son’s food preferences and insists that he “enjoys” the lunch she makes for him.

“I shared quite a bit about our food journey as a family and how I encouraged my kids to not only eat, but really ENJOY healthy food,” said Stevenson, who has another son, Malakai Ko, with her husband.

“It all started from the day I introduced solid foods with baby-led weaning.

“I acknowledge and respect my son’s different taste preferences, the foods they don’t like, and the cuisines they gravitate towards, and I always maintain an open conversation about what whole, healthy foods do for our bodies and why we are so blessed to eat the way we do nutritious food!”

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