King Charles threatening to ‘sever ties completely’ with Prince Andrew

King Charles upsets disgraced Prince Andrew, warning life will become “uncomfortable” if he refuses to leave his 30-room mansion.

The 75-year-old king has this year redoubled efforts to evict his brother, who shares a home with ex-wife Sarah Ferguson, with insiders describing the disagreement as a “siege at the Royal Lodge”.

Palace sources say the king, who is funding Andy’s life, may “reconsider the level of support he is willing to provide” if he rejects all offers of a new home.

The disgraced Duke of York, 64, who will never return to public office after paying millions to settle a sex abuse case linked to Jeffrey Epstein, has spent 18 months refusing royal requests to move out.

The Sun exclusively revealed that Andrew turned down the chance to move into Frogmore Cottage last year after Harry and Meghan were evicted.

Andrew, who will never return to royal duties because of his links to Epstein, is still refusing to budge, insisting he has a 75-year lease.

But a friend told The Times: “It can be done tidy or messy. This can be done with grace and dignity or it can be forced upon him. It’s all pretty sad.

“But as things stand now, life at the Royal Lodge will be increasingly cold and uncomfortable for the Duke.

“The only question now is when he will realize that he has become a prisoner of his own pride – and that the return of the keys will bring him much greater comfort and further support from his family.”

This comes as Charles is said to be unwilling to continue paying out of pocket to fund Andy’s lavish lifestyle.

Sources close to the monarch claim he could be forced to “reconsider the levels of support he is willing to provide” if the so-called siege of the Royal Lodge continues.

Police protection was removed from the disgraced duke when Epstein stepped down from public office amid the scandal.

But Charles stepped in to raise his multimillion-dollar private security bill.

The crisis shows no signs of abating after Netflix aired its hit series ladledetailing Andy’s “car accident” Newsnight an interview.

And there is another depiction of his disgrace in the Amazon series about his downfall, where Andy is played by actor Michael Sheen.

The scandal-hit father-of-two has avoided the public eye since causing controversy by bringing his family to a service for the late King Constantine of Greece at Windsor Castle in February in the absence of the cancer-stricken king.

But last month he was spotted playing golf carefree with friends in Scotland.

His finances are said to be struggling as he is no longer able to work, and it is unclear whether he received any major proceeds from his late mother’s will when she died in September 2022.

But he and ex-wife Fergie got to keep the corgis and he pocketed millions of pounds by selling his chalet in the Swiss Alps.

And the late queen helped pay for his multimillion-dollar out-of-court settlement with sexual abuse accuser Virginia Giuffre.

Sources close to Prince Andrew insist he will not be leaving Royal Lodge, citing a 75-year lease on the property that does not expire until June 15, 2078.

Friends of the Duke last night has a cast iron lease and sees no reason to give up the home he’s lived in for the past 20 years.

A source familiar with trying to force Andy out told The Times: “The royal favor is not without limits and there is a very good chance that Andrew will move into Frogmore Cottage, which was recently vacated by the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, which also has benefits from being within the security cordon of Windsor Castle, reducing the need for the Royal Lodge’s 24-hour replacement security.

“He’s taking longer than he’d like to recognize the reality of the situation, even though it’s clearly the most sensible course of action.

“If he does not agree to move to a property that better suits his needs, the King may need to reconsider the level of support he is prepared to provide.”

Another acquaintance who visited the Royal Lodge told the newspaper: “It’s quite sad really, but if it’s about who blinks first then Andrew will be buried. It’s not going anywhere.

“The execution has been delayed due to Sarah’s and the royal’s illness and he will hope that Charles will not want to be seen as vindictive by removing him.”

The Duchess of York, who still lives at Royal Lodge despite divorcing Andy 30 years ago, has recently been battling breast and skin cancer.

Palace sources insist Prince Andrew “remains the royal brother” and is welcome at family events, but will never return to public duty.

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace declined to comment.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and is republished here with permission.

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