Ticketek: Email to customers as government responds to data breach

Australians have received a fresh warning about how they “use the internet” after two major ticketing websites were hit by data breaches.

Ticketek suffered a data breach earlier this week, exposing the personal information of many Australians.

Data such as full names, dates of birth and email addresses were stolen by the hacker.

The TEG-owned company is understood to have reached out to affected customers overnight.

Ticketek, meanwhile, confirmed the cyber breach occurred earlier this week and notified the Australian Cyber ​​Security Centre, the National Cyber ​​Security Office and the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner.

“Available evidence at this time indicates that your name, date of birth and email address may have been compromised from a privacy perspective,” Ticketek’s email to affected customers states.

The breach occurred with a third-party vendor used by the company, not saying which vendor it was, but that the company is “reputable.”

“This has been brought to our attention by our third party supplier and we have been working diligently over the past few days to put all resources into completing the investigation so that we can communicate with you as soon as possible,” the email said.

“We would like to assure you that Ticketek has secure encryption methods in place for all passwords and that your Ticketek account has not been compromised. Additionally, we use secure encryption methods to process credit card information, and transactions are processed through a separate, unaffected payment system. Ticketek does not store personal documents for its customers.”

Cyber ​​Security Minister Clare O’Neil confirmed she had been made aware of the incident and urged affected customers to exercise caution when opening emails or replying to messages.

“Don’t click on any links in emails you’re not completely sure about, and if you receive an unusual email or text, be extra careful,” she said.

“Data breaches are on the rise – in Australia and around the world. This means that we all have to be more careful when using the Internet.”

This breach is the latest in a series that has occurred in Australia and around the world in recent months.

Ticketmaster, another major ticketing company owned by US entertainment company Live Nation, is understood to have been affected by the breach. While the company has yet to publicly announce this, the Home Office confirmed this to The Australian.

Defense Personnel Minister Matt Keogh encouraged those affected to contact both companies with concerns.

“However, I encourage people to engage directly with these two organizations if they are concerned about a data breach and how it might affect them,” he said.

“The National Cyber ​​Security Coordinator has been working with Ticketmaster and Ticketek to ensure we are fully aware of what has happened and can provide any support they may need to resolve this issue.”

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