MONOPOLY GO! Roll Match Timed Event: All you need to know

FIND MONOPOLY! is one of the most popular games right now that offers fantastic events to help players get more Roll the dice to fill their bags free products such as money that help us advance faster on the map than we dream of Real estate kings. One of the special features of these events or tournaments is that we will be able to play a lot of mini-games or booster events, which are usually called Time events which helps in getting a higher share of rewards than usual. Now a brand new one will join the list Roll Match a timed event that I will explain in the details article in addition to its features in MONOPOLY GO!

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FIND MONOPOLY! Roll Match Timed event details

In the Roll Match event, you have the chance to win prizes by rolling certain combinations of dice within a certain time frame. Tap the event icon on the right side of the screen. The event popup will show the combination needed to win the prizes: sometimes a double, sometimes a certain pair. Press GO! and try to roll the correct combination with your die.

Sure, it may take a few tries to get the combo, but the rewards are huge. Each combination you match will reward you with free dice rolls; even further, using a dice multiplier such as x100 or x1,000your rewards will grow to 300 and even 3000 cubesbut again it costs more dice to roll.

What you want to do is match as many combinations as possible. After you roll the required combination and claim the prize, another combination will appear.

When will the Roll Match Timed Event be released in MONOPOLY GO!

MONOPOLY GO add friends, MONOPOLY GO Events January 2024MONOPOLY GO add friends, MONOPOLY GO Events January 2024
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According to known revelations, the next timed Roll Match event will start on June 5, 2024, in Game. We can expect 10 minutes of gameplay to get it. Also, we are not aware of a specific schedule for when this event will come regularly, we will find out.

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