NIKKE Golden Coin Rush story event introduces two new SSR characters

Goddess of Victory: NODthe Science Fiction RPG from MOVE UP and Infinite level has now introduced another new story event titled Gold Rush now lives in the game. As your usual story update that brings us rewards, gameplay elements, and what’s more, we also have two new ones SSR signs namely Soda and Alice is coming to the game, so let me give you all an overview of this update.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE Golden Coin Rush Event Review

New Character: SSR Soda and Alice

Soda SSR it is Striker class participation in the event to protect the Maid Cafe. Her skill effects become more powerful based on stacks of gold tokens. The higher the stack, the stronger it is in terms of attack. Equipped with Uncut shotgunclassified under the code of iron, Soda you can recruit using Gems or Advanced Recruit Vouchers in Special Recruit with a 2% chance of getting it.

Alice and Soda NODAlice and Soda NOD
Image via Level Infinite

SSR Alice he is from the Supporter class and will help with photo shoots with bunnies. It can periodically restore HP for all allies, in addition to increasing the number of buffs. Her Burst Skill allows for improved recovery. Equipped with My Little Carrot, classified under the Water code, she can also be recruited through Special Recruit.

Mini-games, gameplay updates and a new archive entry

This update consists of two new mini-games. First time, LET’S PLAY, SODA! is the name of a limited time event where the player helps Soda in various games within Coin Rush. It’s the second one MOG 2.0a remastered version of the always-opening Snow White simulation battle game where the Goddess Squad battles hordes of Raptures from all sides.

As for gameplay updates, the update includes a Collection Item and Favorite Item system for all Nikkas. Collectibles are items that can be equipped with Nikkes, while popular items are upgraded collectibles to enhance their effects and provide backgrounds.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE's golden shipGoddess of Victory: Golden Ship NIKKE
Image via Level Infinite

Besides, it is THE GOLDEN SHIP the story event is now unlocked and accessible in the Column Archive of events. You can participate in the GOLDEN COIN RUSH to get memorabilia, unlocking the story event in the archive.

Events, rewards and other extras

As usual we have Coordinated Operations pending. The 14 day login event brings coins as a reward to players who sign up for 14 days with Advanced employment vouchers and development materials.

Additionally, there is a FULL BURST DAY weekend only event with additional rewards in Iinterception and simulation room. Finally, Solo Raid Challenges players to defeat the boss Cube Materials, Favorite Item, and Collection Itemwith a classification according to the damage caused Special frame and jewels.

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